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Feb 22, 09 1:00pm

Mirror's Edge [PC] second impressions/hardware goodness

Well, it's terribly late, but as I said last month, I have some further Mirror's Edge impressions.

But first, the reason for the delay is those errors I mentioned. Well, they're gone! I'm not sure if I fixed it or if it was the upgrading of hardware, but anyway it's gone! Unfortunately I seem to be getting some stuttering still in games, though it's only really bothersome in Prince of Persia (as in, to the point I don't like to play it), which I think is a problem with the game itself, as many people on the internets suffer the same thing.

As for hardware, I recently picked up some sweet RAM for dirt cheap (up to 2GB now, and the speed is much higher), and thanks to Kevin and Redemption (as you know him), I acquired this gorgeous video card for cheap (considering). I've been telling people it's a beast in a tank wrapped in a tornado. It's true!

So the only thing really left to get to complete my rig is a monitor. My current one is fine for werk and all, but for gaming, it's crap. Kevin says using the R4830 on my monitor (which only supports a max 1024x768 resolution) is "like driving a Ferrari in a parade". Worse, I've been playing ME in 800x468 to kill the awful. This is the one I'm going to get, hopefully sooner rather than later. Naturally I'll be blathering like an idiot once it's mine. :)

Regarding the stuttering issue, I'm wondering if it might be related to this crap arse monitor somehow. Hopefully everything is (vegetarian) gravy once I get that.

So, Mirror's Edge. It's *bleep*ing FUN. The only real complaint I have about it is you maybe get stuck too often, which interrupts the flow of the game. However, I'm starting to become more accustomed to the game idiosyncrasies and am finding myself welcoming its challenges (mostly anyway). BUT, I am still bent on this 'free run mode' idea, and feel this would be the perfect counterpart to the challenge story mode presents. Especially with the could be so fun. If it or something like it isn't in the sequel, I'm gonna be pissed.

Also, runner vision is for wusses. I can confirm this, and my speculations about the 'exploration' feel being there without it were accurate..the game is not too challenging without it, though naturally you will probably die more often (from the Blues, most likely), especially if you try not to rely on the help function like I do. Similar thing for not using guns -- you just kinda get used to it. I certainly prefer not to use them.

Combat is annoying as hell til you get the hang of it. Once you do though, it's the best thing ever. So satisfying. Speaking of which, partly for you guys, I redid this one section in the game until it was to my satisfaction, and recorded it. Check it:

(Full screen version can be found here.)

The game is also gorgeous, even on this monitor and at such an awful I can't wait to behold it on the new one. Yum!

So basically for anyone open to it, it's a must have, especially on PC! :)

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Redemption Feb 22, 09
Doh! Upload the video to Neo Videos

Have you tried the time trials yet? They might give you more of a free run feel since part of the challenge is to find the optimal route through the trial and there are usually 2-3 ways to do each part of the trial. Also, without enemies firing at you you can enjoy the feel of flying through the air after huge jumps.
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chautemoc Feb 22, 09
Oh? I was thinking about it but figured it wouldnt be appropriate since it's just a short personal gameplay vid. Doing it now.

Time trials aren't out for PC yet, oddly...but yeah, I would love to try.
Edit: nevermind, found 'em on the EA Store. Will give it a shot soon.
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Xenctuary Mar 18, 09
Nice video, but you should be more aggressive with the guards so that you get through the level a lot quicker.
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kspiess Feb 24, 09
Looking back, the R4830 was the card of the year for me. I'm glad you are diggin' it.
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chautemoc Feb 24, 09
Soooo happy to have it, especially with it being your card of the year. Who needs babies when you have the R4830. Werd.