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Feb 14, 09 3:33am

Jack Thompson vs. Neoseeker

Something amusing has been making the rounds at the office today which I thought I'd let you all in on. It seems an article I quoted yesterday in regards to disbarred lawyer Jack Thompson in the comments section for Lydia's article on the "*bleep* stimulation" game RapeLay found its way to the man himself -- he demanded we remove it and tell him when we do. Everything checks out too, it was him alright.

We've got this site called GameGrep if you haven't heard of it, Jack..should check it out sometime...

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Xenctuary Feb 13, 09
Thumbs down to Jack Thompson on GameGrep!
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RabidChinaGirl Feb 13, 09
... I always knew Jack Thompson was a noob. None of the pro lawyers wanted to play with him.
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tekmosis Feb 14, 09
You know you're noob when, you get disbarred.

Knock knock. Who's there? disbarred. Disbarred who? Jack Thompson.

Jack Thompson is so disbarred, he can't even approach the bench at a picnic.

Jack Thompson is so disbarred, his wife won't believe he's had an *bleep* without a witness.

The guy is a walking joke.
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The Slayer Feb 14, 09
What? Hes mad because of what Bob wrote in the comments?

I guess he has nothing better to do now that he's disbarred
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Klope62 Feb 14, 09
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kik36 Feb 14, 09
That's *bleep*ing awesome@!!!! Jack is back!!! (a nod to the ol' Jack in the Box, you youngin's wouldn't get it!)
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ShadowJ Feb 14, 09
Do it Chau, bring him to GameGrep...the justice system may have disbarred him from the courts but us gamers will disbar him from the internet
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Deathsythe Feb 20, 09
Continuing in tekmosis' fashion...

Jack Thompson is so disbarred, he can't grab a bicycle. (get it, handleBARs?)
Jack Thompson is so disbarred, he lost his liquor license. (get it, a pub or a BAR)

Ok, I'll stop.

No one said Wiki Admins are required to have a good sense of humour.