chautemoc blogged
Feb 7, 09 12:22am

*bleep* The Sims

मुक्ति says:
there are eight expansion packs, six different editions, and four spin off SERIES
the sims: ikea home stuff
i told kevin if i was friends with someone and they bought that one i would stop being friends with them
i was addicted to the first one for a couple months about then that was enough for me
no problem with t he main games
but four pages worth?
thats *bleep*ed up
nobody needs that shit
especially not a *bleep*ing ikea themed sims
jesus christ
i want to puke and die
will wright can *bleep* my *bleep*ing *bleep*

PS: To everyone freaking out about the Sims 3 delay -- get a freakin life!

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RabidChinaGirl Feb 6, 09
I think I <3 yew.
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tekmosis Feb 6, 09
I bought The Sims: Pets - Ikea, version. Now all my pets have Ikea furniture! I hope you will still be my friend BFF <3

Your BFF, tekmosis
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chautemoc Feb 7, 09
Only cause of this comment.