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Feb 2, 09 12:45am


I've been avoiding posting here lately due to the censorship going on. Personally I dont think posting a humourous image which happens to contain the word "*bleep*" warrants deletion of the post without explanation, indication of who deleted it, and an option for debate with said person. I was considering not posting here anymore, but thing is, I like to, so I will. So for anything that's censored, I'll post something else with an explanation of the given post.

I was partly inspired to write this due to this huge and terribly heartwarming news (please read if at all interested!):

(Link to the peformance for non-American users here. Region locking=lame!).

Oh and to the writer -- its extremely easy to just paint him as an atheist. If you actually pay attention to his material, he's very religious and spiritual. Why does attacking the flaws and evils of one religion make you an atheist?

I'm a huge Bill Hicks fan -- he's definitely my favourite comedian (followed closely by George Carlin, Dave Chappelle, Sarah Silverman and David Cross, in no particular order), partly because I relate to him on a personal level so well. I highly recommend checking him out -- there's some full performances up on Google Video.

In the documentary on his life ("It's Just a Ride"), there are some interview clips with Letterman where he says he would've done things differently in retrospect. He seemed truly heartfelt about it, so this is very good to see. Just wondering why it took so long?

Anyway, here's to freedom of speech and beautiful spirits like Bill Hicks.

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kik36 Feb 2, 09
Sorry to hear about the censorship.....I think I know what pic you're referring to LOL
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chautemoc Feb 2, 09
I was just trying to help the people.
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kspiess Feb 2, 09
Watched that whole episode of Letterman, and have to say my opinion of him raised a bit.

Sucks that Bill Hicks died at 32. The CIA probably got'em or something.

He's definitely the most poignant comedian I've yet come across.
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chautemoc Feb 2, 09
Yeah, same here about Letterman. I was kinda fond of him anyway, especially after seeing that documentary..but this was quite something else.

Pancreatic cancer, actually..=/

Interesting story:

Bill tripped as often as he could. A strange, physical theme accompanied his trips. It first came up with Kevin and David. Bill said that when he died they would open him up and find a giant golden cross stuck upside down in one of the organs in his left side. With Laurie one time, he went through a birth experience, recalling the pain of forceps grabbing him on his left side. At other times he envisioned a Bible in there, an alien creature, a spear wound from an earlier life. It was odd, but he never felt the pain any other time.