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Mar 28, 09 2:49am

Windows 7/desk

Haven't updated in awhile as I've been busy reviewing and writing and interviewing and not quite settled in OS land, so I'm just gonna make a couple large posts and hope they keep your attention. If you're not fond of a lot of words, feel free to just look at the shiny pictures.

Soo yes, recently I switched to Windows 7 but had to switch back to XP due to repeated blue screens when gaming. Not cool. Hopefully when the release candidate comes out everything will be gravy. I have a thing for desktop screenshots so here is/was mine (it's on my other HD I upgraded to -- 640GB!):

One of my favourite things about W7 is the Aero Peek feature, which comes in real handy:

You can just hover your mouse over any sub-window and it will preview it for you, without you actually ever clicking on it. So you can just go through like 10 windows if you want and see whats up. Its very fast and efficient! :)

I also like the level of customization that comes built in it with it. Thanks to that, I didn't even have to modify my OS theme, I really quite like it how you see above. :)
Between this and countless other things, especially judging from the Engineering W7 blog, it really seems like Microsoft is paying attention to its users and incorporating as much of their feedback as possible into what will be the final product. For a corporation with as massive a userbase as Microsoft, this is a hugely positive thing, and I commend them wholeheartedly for it.

You may notice the desktop images, if you make a couple clicks to their full size, are rather large..because, yes, I finally just got this baby:

(My desktop is inside the picture of the desktop to really mess you up.)

Keep in mind I upgraded from this 15 inch. The new one is lot bigger than it looks in pictures for some reason. But yeah, I'm up to 22''@1680x1050 resolution. It's a whole different world..I'd probably say it is, on many levels, like watching a movie at home versus the theater..or playing a game too, I suppose. :)
Couldn't be happier with it -- got it on sale too. I'd like to thank Kevin for encouraging me to upgrade. While LCDs of this size do cost a lot, it IS worth what you pay, for sure. Of course you have to shop around and research and stuff..

Oh, and this is what it looks like when I mix Drambuie with work (what did you think was in the mug?):

Not a smart idea!

If you wanna read about game things and sort of a 'behind the scenes' thing on my review for The Path, here is a follow-up. :)

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Chiggins Mar 28, 09
Very nice.

I'm also a VERY big fan of Windows 7. I haven't gotten any blue screens yet, but I haven't tried gaming on it yet either.

I like the default theme a lot, but I might need to work on it a lot more. I like the black you gave it. Makes it look a little more Vista like.
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chautemoc Mar 28, 09
Can't wait til the theme community really gets going upon public release..should be lots of interesting things to tinker with.

Yeah the default theme is quite pretty..can't stand those huge icons though..was very happy when I found out I could shrink everything down.
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Chiggins Mar 28, 09
The icons I don't mind. Reason being that I use gadgets on the left side and RocketDock on the left side. The desktop is a very quick place for things to be. Otherwise its empty.
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chautemoc Mar 28, 09
I prefer it empty.
The Aero Peek thing renders RocketDock inferior for me hehe, I love it.
As for gadgets..not for me.