chautemoc blogged
Jan 12, 09 10:46pm

Ubisoft support.....dreadful

So remember those bugs I mentioned with PoP? Got an email back from Ubisoft about them which asked me to send along some info to further help me with my problem. Sent it, got a response back the next day which said to try something they'd already suggested in the original list. Informed them of such, haven't heard from them since (January 6). Ugh. Not happy at all. Seems like I'll be returning this one. Mirror's Edge, please. And it better be playable. :P

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huntyr Jan 12, 09
sounds like typical tech support.
Customer complaint: tell them to delete/reinstall the game
still complains: send in specs of computer (no need to actually read them, just make it seem like we are doing something)
still complains: back to 1st step as the customer obviously didn't do it correctly
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chautemoc Jan 12, 09
So awful.
And developers complain about piracy...make your freaking games work and have actually knowledgeable tech support!! Jeeez.