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Dec 22, 08 11:39pm

Game reviews~)((_(~)_)(!

So I think Im gonna start using instead of for reviews. Mainly because MC is corporate as are many of the sites it posts reviews from (in behaviour, if nothing else), whereas MG is run by actual gamers. Yum.

Update: Red tells me we're going to be improving on this feature of our own come the new year. Excitin' times. :)

He also says they're rich snobs kind of so maybe I wont use it. Haha.

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kik36 Dec 22, 08
Well I personally never use Metacritic. And shied away from it mainly because of the fan boy rate down wars that were happening. It's very difficult to find unbiased reviews these days.

Personally I pay attention to Amazon reviews, Playstation magazine reviews, and everyone at Neoseeker....combine 'em all together, divide by 14, carry the 2, add a sprinkle of sugar and a 12er of beer and if it appeals to my tastes I give it a go.
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chautemoc Dec 22, 08
Yeah, I didnt pay attention to the fanboy downrating thing..well, beyond being amused by it. Amazon reviews underwent a similar fate, though for different reasons (DRM).

PlayStation magazine is sweet..well, I havent read it in years, but last I did I found it a joy.
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kspiess Dec 22, 08
you ever check out ? not a bad resource
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chautemoc Dec 23, 08
Owned by CBS Interactive, same people as metacritic, haha.
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kspiess Dec 23, 08
Dude Neoseeker is owned by CBS Interactive. (/jk)