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Dec 17, 08 5:19am

Dear Electronic Arts

Hello, this is just an advance e-mail in light of the expected DRM for the PC edition of Mirror's Edge which I am hoping you can forward to the appropriate sources.

While I would delight in the irony, I'm praying and begging you not to put DRM in the game, at least not "heavy" DRM (i.e. install limits, SecuROM, online activation), and hopefully not any games of yours in the future. I realize this is a lot to ask, but as a gamer I feel it is vital to do so.

I love the game dearly and thank you guys so much for taking the risk with it and continuing on with the series despite what seem to be less than stellar sales. I would love nothing more than to support this by paying for it, but I need to know the company which publishes it trusts its customers and respects them enough not to install unnecessary protocols on their machines or limit their experience with the game to any great length. I know there are big names at your company which don't fancy DRM but still feel it's necessary. I understand the perspective, but there's got to be a better solution than this. In the meantime, can you at least keep it to a minimum? CD checks and/or serial keys I've long felt are an okay compromise between gamer and publisher.

It would be nice to hear back on this, too, but I understand if this is not possible as you are a busy company.

Sean Ridgeley

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