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Dec 14, 08 5:15am

Blogging about blogs. Blogtastarifficicism

Just wanted to say I'm very impressed with the blog content we've been getting around here on the site, especially lately. Some highlights:

- Zeta's current book: the rules of survival

- Stem Cell's informative posts on healthy eating, ethics and advertising, and classic artist portfolios

- the new era's ponderings on life

- RabidChinaGirl's provocative entries, always good for a debate.

- jespromo on murder and soccer

- The Don's story and perspective on family lineage, tragedy, and respect.

(Some of these wouldn't link to the entries in question properly, so I linked to the their main page instead).

And these are just recent ones, really.

So, not to call anyone out for the sake of it or anything, but for people who say our reader's "aren't ready" for explicit posts, that they're juvenile, I say to heck with that. I'm really impressed to see how intelligent you guys really are, and to read all the interesting thoughts here floating about. I strongly feel the blogs are already one of the best features on the site, so props to you folks for helping make it so. :)

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Zeta Dec 13, 08
Ha, I got mentioned. ^^

Anyway I completely agree, the blogs were a fantastic edition to the site. I love how members are slowly getting into blogs, and then creating their own.
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ShadowJ Dec 14, 08
where's the love Chau? ;-;

Anyway aye I agree, I hate light stepping the best of times even though lately and recently it has been needed due to "easily offending" people that then can complain or sue. Though yes the blogs are the greatest feature I have seen on Neo in a long time
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chautemoc Dec 14, 08
Cant get everyone.
Your Fallout videos post rocked out, definitely one of my favourites thus far.

I dont see what's so offensive about it though..just weird cultural behaviour I think. Its just bodily functions, man.
Compromise is good though I guess.