chautemoc blogged
Dec 11, 08 9:08am

Another reason to love Bill Murray

He's been randomly showing up at house parties in Brooklyn lately. *bleep*, I love him.

FilmDrunk reporting on the source article:
Predictably, the article decides to focus on the sad clown angle, wondering if he’s having a midlife crisis. Oh f-ck off. What the hell is wrong with these people? They even quote a goddamned psychotherapist. Trust me, psychotherapists wouldn’t know awesome if it punched them in the ear on the subway. Bill Murray doesn’t have a publicist, gives honest answers to people who interview him, and shows up in random places just to hang out with people. What more could you want out of him? The world could use at least 1,000 more Bill Murrays. And that’s why I’m naming this scotch glass Bill Murray. Come on, Bill, tell us a story. Oh Bill, you’re my best friend.


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Kudzuka Dec 11, 08
There are endless reasons to love Bill Murray.
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kspiess Dec 11, 08
I like this Bill Murray guy.