chautemoc blogged
Dec 7, 08 5:01am

Dreadful "music"

Here's a better question: why do 955,646 people care? I'm hesitant about drawing more attention to them, but it's hard to resist posing the idea. Sigh. Here, to compensate:

MUSIC. Remember that old thing?


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ShadowJ Dec 6, 08
ugh coldplay...god I hate them and Chris martin. First they call themselves a "rock band" which they aren't Second, most of their songs make you want to slit your wrists while listening to it and third, what kind of an idiot calls his daughter Apple? Oh Chris Martin!

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chautemoc Dec 6, 08
The one redeeming thing was this, though.
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Kokoro Dec 7, 08
I personally think Coldplay is an okay band, but I respect your opinion. And Coldplay are a Rock band. Anyone who suggests they aren't, doesn't know what they're talking about.