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Nov 26, 08 11:54pm


Doot de doot de doot.

Since I'm terrible with initial site entries on my own, I've decided to take a page from huntyr's first one and introduce myself.

Hmm. So yes, my main thing is writing news stories for Neoseeker and GameGrep, though currently I'm also staffing the BioShock wiki. I also do my best to improve the quality of articles and promote the rules on GameGrep by talking with users -- a taxing task at times, to be sure. There are a few other duties, such as occasional beta testing and promoting the site.

Don't really know how much I'll be posting in here as I expect I'll get out most of my gaming love via the sources listed above..hopefully a 'miscellaneous' category pops up in the future..then I'll go to town.


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kspiess Nov 26, 08
I'm still pretty shocked that you are playing Fallout 1 as a unarmed combat specialist. That isn't easy -- especially for your first game. But hey, go for the glory dude, go for the glory.
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chautemoc Nov 26, 08
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Dark Dom Nov 26, 08
I'm irritated that you even have Fallout. I know you can get 'em for Mac, but no one sells it. >_>

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chautemoc Nov 26, 08
Buy it online somewhere, perhaps? I bought mine online but I use Windows.
Or use Boot Camp and buy it from GOG!
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