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Jan 6, 11 4:06am

Re: 8 Reasons to Hate PC Gamers

PCWorld has for some illogical reason published a troll "article" titled "8 Reasons to Hate PC Gamers." I can't figure out why they would try to destroy their own fanbase (the comments are all sensible and angry -- nice to see), but despite it being obvious provocation, I thought it would be a good opportunity to debunk some myths about PC gaming.

Myth 1: PC gamers are elitists

There is some truth in this, but you must first understand PC gamers are as varied in this respect as any other audience. You have some that couldn't care less about the PC vs. console gaming debate, some "casual" players, some who just prefer the PC for their needs, some who feel strongly it's a better experience but aren't snobby about it, and then some that do feel strongly it's better but are snobs about it. I'm guessing the better/not-snobby crowd are the majority, but there's a lot of each.

Bottom line: 'enthusiast' is generally a more accurate term than elitist. And while elitism has negative connotations, for many, it just means they appreciate a more involved experience.

I'm cool with consoles. I recognize not everyone has the dedication and technical knowledge PC gaming more or less requires. Consoles still have a lot to offer, and they have their own advantages. No snobbery necessary.

Myth 2: PC gaming isn't a sport

I'm not much into semantics, so don't take this one to the letter, but I will say competitive multiplayer gaming on PC poses some of the greatest challenge for any gamer, particularly when we're talking FPS. What you want to call that is entirely up to you.

Myth 3: PC gamers are pirates

Pirates don't count -- I personally don't consider them gamers, just entertainment seekers with no consideration or passion. The majority does typically pay, especially if you treat them properly. While I'm here, between plentiful digital sales and quality freeware, there's no good reason to pirate.

Myth 4: PC gamers make console gamers look like nerds

Another semantical argument, but I consider us all nerds -- something many of us have embraced.

Myth 5: Graphics over gameplay

Oh yes, we're graphics whores, alright. But the sensible ones (the majority), know great graphics aren't worth a damn if the gameplay isn't there to back it up (Lost Planet 2 and Crysis are two games that understand this). By the same token, plenty are into the independent/digital scene and are willing to spend on smaller, cheaper titles with great gameplay and minimalistic graphics (VVVVV, Super Meat Boy, World of Goo, Bionic Commando: Rearmed, and Dungeon Defenders, to name a few of hundreds).

Myth 6: We overspend

Plenty do, for sure, but it's a misconception perpetuated largely by advertising. I've been told manufacturers, retailers, etc. typically aren't willing to advertise budget PC components and builds because profits are lower. Not sure how much truth there is to that -- I think that's a largely untargeted audience that really needs targeting.

In any case, I got into PC gaming specifically because I couldn't afford a console (I'd sold mine earlier) or TV at the time. There's a good chance if you're reading this, you can play PC games. Certainly not the latest and greatest on maximum settings, but some of it with some lowered settings and/or tweaks (Valve, Blizzard, Stardock, etc. are amazing at optimizing for the 'average' PC), and definitely some independent/digital only stuff, not to mention games from a few years back.

I got my start with Fable and Doom 3 running on integrated graphics and terrible hardware even by standards back then, and there's plenty more to choose from now.

That said, the ideal situation is to spend a fair chunk of change ($500-1000 about, depending on your needs and budget) on a solid "future proof" build, with the goal in mind of running the latest on maximum settings at high framerates for many years. Doing this, you'll have many, many great experiences and will in at least one sense save yourself money.

Depending how far you're willing to stretch it, this can actually be cheaper than console gaming, especially with the $50 vs $60 price points and aforementioned sales (they're more frequent, steep, and readily available than console sales).

Of course, you also have to factor in the added functionality the PC offers -- web browsing, Netflix, Skype, and so on. An all-in-one box for a grand or less is an amazing deal if that's what fits your needs.


I'll take that one, though they're not all a drug -- Guild Wars comes to mind.

Myth 7: We're always complaining

Console and PC gamers both make a lot of noise -- I don't think one much more than the other. We do become upset when a game is poorly ported, but the same happens in the less common cases of poor ports to consoles (Lost Planet 2, Dragon Age). What's so awful about wanting a game properly tailored to one's platform of choice?

In the end

Nowadays PC and console gamers have more in common than ever. We're playing a lot of the same games and doing a lot of the same things (online connectivity, web browsing, multiplayer, etc). We each have our own needs and preferences, which is how it should be. With that in mind, it'd be nice to see more respect and tolerance going both ways.

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ShadowJ Jan 5, 11
Very well put Chau and if you don't mind I would like to add my own views in addition. I used to be in the fanboyism scene but then I grew up and realised it is all down to personal preference. I will still wind friends up or mock a friend now and then but that's just me and the way I go about friendship, nothing to do with elitism.

However, with that said both sides are the same, both console gamers and PC gamers try to give their beloved platform the upperhand but these days they are so alike that there is just no reason to bicker.

Consoles = Quick, portable and social way of gaming (Social as in, play with people in the same room) the hardware is cheaper but the games and accessories are expensive

PC = The gateway more or less, while consoles are gaining features such as social networks, web browsing, downloads etc. The PC still hosts as "the media machine". Hardware is more expensive and if you don't have the knowledge can be complex and scary, however it balances out with cheaper games.

All in all, they break even and negate each other.

PC gaming as a sport...personally I don't see running around in a big oval a "sport" but most of the world's population do. I don't see sliding down a snowy mountain on two planks a "sport" but most of the world's population do. Point is just because "one person" or a minor group of people few something as "not a sport" doesn't mean it is.

PC gamers are pirates..."some"...I understand stereotyping is a common thing within our culture, just like how people say they "don't judge on first impression"...everyone does, it is how the human mind works, difference is, you do not blurt it out upon first meeting. Generalising a whole community because a portion decide to use the "bad method" is pretty pathetic to be honest

PC gamers make console gamers look like nerds...I prefer the term "Geek" thank you very much. Again generalising and stereotyping...why is there a divide between PC and console gamers? We are all doing the same thing, the same hobby, the same interest...we play video games but just on a different machine. It's like the stereotypes for the music industry. Why must I be put in the same group as Grebs because I like rock music? Again pretty pathetic reason

Graphics over gameplay...yeah I shoot this one out of the water considering I still play many retro games including Commodore64 and Megadrive games. True, I do love to max out the settings in my games and true I do have the latest components my money would let me buy but that's not because I wanted or needed the latest's because I can max out my settings for the latest graphics. Graphics make a portion of a game...if gameplay and storyline are pathetic but the graphics are "amazing"...I don't want to know

We overspend...see my points about how the prices of both consoles and PCs break even...this is also a misconception AND all differs to opinions. Misconception because they see PC components being "expensive"...while true in some cases, most knowledgeable PC builders would search for cheaper prices or know where to get cheap components from. Down to opinions because we are spoilt for choice, as in ATI or Nvidia (even within that you have different companies that make the cards like Gainward, XFX etc.) Intel or AMD and so on.

It's also true...I have spent ALOT on my someone else that would be "Overspending" but to me it's just fine, it was within MY budget and furthermore, I don't just see my PC as a gaming machine, I also see it as many other things. Sure a 360 can play movies but can it use an image editor? (Not trying to start anything but just proving a point)

As to games themselves...companies have to make money somewhere and as long as the game is good and keeps me entertained, I have no problem handing my money over.

We're always complaining...with today's society? HAH! Everyone is complaining...10 years ago, you wouldn't have got any of the crap you get today. Hell even the fact that 10 years ago, accident claims, injury lawyers, car insurance and life insurance adverts weren't even before anyone can blame the a "community" let alone a gaming one, they first should understand how society and culture have changed over the years
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chautemoc Jan 5, 11
Thanks for your thoughts. Pretty much agreed with all.

It's good to have a like-minded person in the same community around.