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Dec 18, 10 6:14am

Best e-mail ever from Southpeak Games

Just got this in my inbox and had to share:

HAY GUYS ^____________^

Two Worlds II is coming out in a little over a month! *gasp*

And I would like to start a brand new tradition for the titles I look after. Other pubs, they might send fancy bottles of wine and Angus steaks and trips to Hawaii and water bottled from the tears of virgin fairies and shit like that with review packets. Well, F that! I’m going to hand-deliver a review copy to one lucky individual at their home or place of work to those of you who opt-in to get the chance to be stalked receive this ==ZOMG SUPER VIP TREATMENT==.

Here’s how it will work:

-Confirm your review copy of Two Worlds II along with address and platform(s), and let me know you want to opt-in to PROJECT “SPECIAL” DELIVERY between now and 12/31

-I will choose my unfortunate victim destination via on January 1, 2011, and grin evilly and be one of those peeps who like, inappropriately laughs to themselves for no reason while walking down the street and thinking of my visit to your hizzayyyyyyyyyyyy

-Sometime between now and January 25th, I’ll announce the date that I’m making my fateful journey

-THE WINNER WILL BE A SEKRIT (LAWL PR SECRETS LAWL) literally until I show up on your doorstep on that day. FEEL FREE TO INTERNET DETECTIVE ALL YOU WANT! *shakes fist at the sky*

-I may release some clues as to where the heck I am going before PROJECT “SPECIAL” DELIVERY commences, but who the hell knows because I generally don’t plan most random things I do outside of about 5 seconds before they actually happen. :P If I do, it will be via my twitter. ;)

-Yes, Canada is OK. Have passport, will brave the arctic tundra. FOR YOU.

-<3s will be had, as well as high-fiving over 9000 times.

Alright! So if I haven’t completely scared you off by now, if you’d like to opt-in to the contest for great roflmao and win, write me back with your review copy info and let me know that you are SO IN OMG!


Of course I applied.

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Responses (4)

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Chad Dec 18, 10
I....I have never read an email so awesome. Congratulations on receiving that, haha.
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Dragoon Dec 18, 10
I think I might be in love.
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ShadowJ Dec 18, 10
Loving the sense of humour/leet speak and all that but after they disgraced themselves with the piggy-back ride on Two Worlds (stating it was bigger and better than Oblivion etc.) I am actually quite sceptical as to how Two Worlds II will turn out

Although kudos to them for thinking outside the box on this one and good luck to you on being stalked Chau
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chautemoc Dec 20, 10
Some people do think it's better...the game just got a really bad reputation because it was buggy at launch. If you play it now with all patches, I'm told it's great. Oblivion is very dumbed down...I think I'd definitely prefer it (own it, plan on playing soon).

It's out in Europe now and from what I gather reception has been very positive. Excited for the NA release which will have patches included.