chautemoc blogged
Oct 4, 09 7:24am

Sands of Time

(Click 'share' for a bigger version pretty please.)

Catching up on my game backlog. Beat two in the last couple weeks (Lost Planet and Devil May Cry 4 -- busted up my 360 controller a bit trying to beat a secret mission in the latter :P).

Almost done this one...this godamn puzzle is killing me at the moment. I'm going to use a walkthrough so I don't go insane. Yeah you heard me. :P
Edit: misunderstood the puzzle. Beat it accidentally. :P

Got some lovely screens in the gallery, by the by. Here's my favourite:

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Sayyed Oct 14, 09
that game brings back memories. But I never beat warrior within cause my Cd glitched and I couldn't continue.
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chautemoc Oct 20, 09
You play the new one?
I wasn't much impressed by Warrior Within or Two Thrones.