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Nov 19, 11 9:59pm

ok i admit it i snuck on the laptop so here's my story my little sister walked out of the door . I was cold so i shut the door and i didn't realise it but i shut her toe in the door she was unhurt just moaning for HOURS. so i get my laptop ds and ps3 taken off me

lucky star pc playstation 3 ds
charizard123dude blogged
Sep 22, 11 5:23pm

gtrea ive completed every pokemon game i have but i can't be bothered to get every pokemon any suggestions and don't say get a new one or your like dead

charizard123dude blogged
May 22, 11 7:28am

woke up went back sleep woke up got a head ache came downstairs went on neo oferd some bloke a poliwag and write this i still need more charecters so ill tell you about dratini it is a pure dragon basic pokemon that evolves into a dragonair then the badass dragonite

charizard123dude blogged
May 21, 11 1:51pm

*the title is here* yep i recomend stuff like this pokemon forum @ i am playing spectrobes (i am bored)

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