Stormy charizard master
Jul 21, 07 9:30pm
I don't know if you remember, but you signed my guestbook a reeeeeeally long time ago. Why didn't I sign back, you ask? Well, it's a simple explanation, really....

XD Anyways, thanks for signing.
dragonluigi charizard master
Jul 16, 07 2:06am

I just stamped your guest book! and pokemon rule!
dragonluigi charizard master
Jul 4, 07 4:42pm

I just stamped your guest book
Cool Blue charizard master
Dec 25, 06 1:09am
Spitfire10 charizard master
Dec 16, 06 7:15pm

Hope You like it.
How do you fill out 125 characters?
Smilies, that what!
Spitfire10 charizard master
Nov 26, 06 5:02am
PM thanx
Jaymess 24 charizard master
Nov 13, 06 6:06pm
Fire away kiddo! Lets start again yea? Keep it all real, keep postin' and dont get a flamin ban!!!!!!!! Remember what i said yea?
Tenshi charizard master
Nov 12, 06 7:27am
hey, well ill be the first to sign;) i dont really see you on the forums but ya know^^ so anyways here is a stamp - if you need anything just ask - and sign back (if you havnt) plz