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Jan 08, 11 12:24am

Not a comic this time, just a single image. Contents are random, this image was just a test-run of in-game effects. Only actual editing would be the muzzleflash (which was taken from in-game actually and I just shrunk/moved it with Photoshop) and the blood. Everything else was done in-game.

I have a version without the shitty muzzleflash on there too, looks much nicer imo.

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Jan 07, 11 2:18am

Finally finished it! Took me three full days of working on it to get it done, enjoy (you better!).

You'll have to read it here because this blog doesn't like wide images.

Hit "Next" on that page to flip to the next one. There's 7 pages so be prepared for a moderately lengthy read.

For my other comics:

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Jan 03, 11 5:09am

Yeah, all in the title (for those not internet savvy, WIP=Work In Progress). If you don't feel like waiting for me to update this dump of a blog with new comics/information and don't feel like searching through it for a certain comic, head on over to my archive on

It even details a new series I'm considering beginning, as well as revealing said series' working title.

Yeah, short post, but this is pretty important stuff so eh.

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Jul 19, 10 7:15am

I can't even come up with a one liner that does this justice. Stop reading this and click the thumbnail.

Read the other ones first!

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Jul 06, 10 5:50pm

If you've been around the Steam forum for a while you'll probably remember the old interactive comic. If you're rather new to the forum, you'll probably remember the second interactive comic. If you don't remember either of them, you probably need to get that noggin checked out or you're really really new to the forum (or both).

Anyways, the interactive comics are just that, interactive comics. I would go and make a comic and ask you guys what should happen next. I would then go with an idea from one of you guys for the next part in the comic and then end that with a vote and so forth.

I've recently been considering starting up another one. Why don't I just go right ahead and do it? Because if I do it will no doubt hinder how quickly I do each Ghostbreakers episode (which is already rather slow). So, what do you guys think I should do? Do another interactive comic anyways, or don't do one and focus entirely on Ghostbreakers. Ghostbreakers will continue regardless, though.

Like this if you think I should go for it, comment with your thoughts, and comment if you think I'm completely out of my mind for even considering a new interactive. Now some links to finish off the blog:

First Interactive (DON'T BUMP IT, IT'S DEAD)

Second Interactive (DON'T BUMP IT, IT'S DEAD)

interactive comic awesome photoshop steam pc graphic design other musingsthoughts gaming related

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Jun 29, 10 9:54am

Phew, finally, after about a week of working my ass off on these, I finished my models. There are 4 of them in here, and they're all working NPCs and player models in addition to regular ragdolls. Have fun with them!

Click me to go to the download page!

skin model work release awesome pc graphic design other musingsthoughts gaming related

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Jun 24, 10 10:43pm

I recommend protective headgear because this comic will blow your mind and splatter your brains out the back of your skull with sheer awesomeness. Click the thumbnail to view the comic!

Read the other ones first!

graphic design other musingsthoughts gaming related comic funny game pc pic

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Jun 18, 10 5:58am

Just finished some skins that I'll show y'all, check'em out below.

I'll release that skin sometime in the future on along with a few variations of my skins (I have plans to make a Metrocop and CT) when the aforementioned metrocop and CT are finished.

Let me know what you guys think. :)

pc graphic design other musingsthoughts gaming related

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Jun 17, 10 11:49am

DotHHC is more or less dead for the time being (I'm focusing on Ghostbreakers) and even after I take a break from Ghostbreakers to make some other comics I'm still uncertain whether or not to continue DotHHC since I'm sure I can do much better than it, plot and theme wise. Anyways, I'm going to post up the scripts for Episodes 2 and 3 which I wrote long ago and you guys let me know what you think and if I should continue DotHHC sometime.

For those of you who liked the first one and want me to continue the series without spoiling the next two episodes for yourself (these scripts are in full detail), then let me know.

If you think I should scrap DotHHC officially and do something else when I take a break from Ghostbreakers, let me know.

Just a note: if I do ever continue DotHHC, it'll only be a miniseries, not an ongoing one such as Ghostbreakers.

Now, scripts:

pc graphic design other musingsthoughts gaming related monster hunter cartoon blangonga comic day crabs head hump

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Jun 15, 10 11:40pm

It's finally here. I recommend you wear eye protection because what you're about to behold may blind you with sheer awesomeness. Click the thumbnail to view the comic!

Be sure to read the first one... well, first!

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Jun 02, 10 10:05pm

Well, as you know since I lack the know how with Photoshop to make comics from scratch in there, I've been using Garry's Mod as a medium to deliver these comics only editing being done in Photoshop. Well, this is going to change I think. I'm going to teach myself and check out on the internet how to do some comics in the lovely tool that is Photoshop without using Gmod as a medium anymore.

So, since the only series I have going atm is Ghostbreakers (which I like very much so this is important), I need to know that once I figure out how to do comics in Photoshop, should I ditch GMod and do Ghostbreakers purely in Photoshop or should I continue using GMod with it? Comment with your opinion (if anyone actually reads these lmao).
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May 24, 10 12:10pm

My crown jewel. Well, maybe because at this point in time I only have two comics and this one is far superior, but I digress. Check it out, I'll be making more Ghostbreakers in the near future. Click the image below to view the comic!

pc graphic design other musingsthoughts gaming related comic steam game photoshop chaotic

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May 24, 10 12:00pm

Prepare to rot your brain and melt your eyes as you gaze upon my first comic ever. I made this quite a while ago, and my skills have improved quite a lot since then. This series is more or less dead, but I'm currently deciding on whether or not to bring it back after my Ghostbreakers "season" finishes. Sort of a filler before getting back into Ghostbreakers. However, that is in the distant future, if ever. Anyways, without further ado, onto the comic:

Note: This was before I realized the beauty of resizing. Don't rage.

Direct link to the comic. IT'S TOO BIG FOR THE BLOG!
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May 24, 10 11:42am

Yup, that's right. I'm on my way into blogging. I'm going to start using the neoseeker blogs system to show my comics to the world. The methods I've been utilizing till this point haven't done me very well, so here's hoping this will. For now, the only way I can make comics is by using Garry's Mod and its wonderful tools, but I'm planning on learning more about Photoshop so I can make comics without the use of Garry's Mod or some other medium to get what's in my head out there. Stick around, I'll be posting two of my comics up shortly, after which I hope I can get around to making some more.

In other news, if I ever decide to stop being a lazy bastard in the near future, I may attempt to learn CSS so I can pretty my blog up a bit. That's unlikely though. I will, however, be adding a header soon. At least there's that, so get off my back. :P

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