The late Day of the Headhumping Crabs: Episodes 2 and 3 Scripts

DotHHC is more or less dead for the time being (I'm focusing on Ghostbreakers) and even after I take a break from Ghostbreakers to make some other comics I'm still uncertain whether or not to continue DotHHC since I'm sure I can do much better than it, plot and theme wise. Anyways, I'm going to post up the scripts for Episodes 2 and 3 which I wrote long ago and you guys let me know what you think and if I should continue DotHHC sometime.

For those of you who liked the first one and want me to continue the series without spoiling the next two episodes for yourself (these scripts are in full detail), then let me know.

If you think I should scrap DotHHC officially and do something else when I take a break from Ghostbreakers, let me know.

Just a note: if I do ever continue DotHHC, it'll only be a miniseries, not an ongoing one such as Ghostbreakers.

Now, scripts:

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Iceguy2003 Jun 17, 10
Ep4 sounds like it will be a nice twist in this plot. I look forward to it.
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chaotic Jun 17, 10
So I take it you think I should pick it back up sometime eh?
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Iceguy2003 Jun 19, 10
Yeah, nothing better than stories based around my favorite game series :-D
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