chaotic blogged
Jun 02, 10 10:05pm

The Future of JD's Comics

Well, as you know since I lack the know how with Photoshop to make comics from scratch in there, I've been using Garry's Mod as a medium to deliver these comics only editing being done in Photoshop. Well, this is going to change I think. I'm going to teach myself and check out on the internet how to do some comics in the lovely tool that is Photoshop without using Gmod as a medium anymore.

So, since the only series I have going atm is Ghostbreakers (which I like very much so this is important), I need to know that once I figure out how to do comics in Photoshop, should I ditch GMod and do Ghostbreakers purely in Photoshop or should I continue using GMod with it? Comment with your opinion (if anyone actually reads these lmao).

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Slumpy monkey Jun 2, 10
Use gmod. If you do it in photoshop it will just be like a 2D cartoon, using Gmod is makes it look more real and related to the game because it uses the actual game models.
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chaotic Jun 3, 10
Yeah, but it really has nothing to do with the game, I just use Gmod to make it because I don't know how to do it any other way. So far I'm leaning toward using Gmod still for Ghostbreakers (and maybe some of my other future comics, depends), but I still haven't made a decision.