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Aug 2, 09 6:14am

So, I bought Superman 64 the other day. I remember buying this game and playing it as a kid. As a kid, my mom and dad always let me rent one game every weekend. So I'd go across the street to Blockbuster, take a look at the small collection of Nintendo 64 games they had, and finally picked out a game. It was Superman 64. I was so upset, that game was a piece of shit back then, and now it's an even bigger piece of shit compared to today's standards. I mean, seriously, how did a game, even back then, get released? I feel bad for the poor saps who paid a full $50 retail for that *bleep*er.

I played it yesterday for the first time. I don't know. It takes time. It's not as bad as I thought it was at one point. But you need to have a shit load of patience, and a bottle of Tylenol nearby.

First: THERE ARE SO MANY *bleep*ING RINGS. Why in the hell would a villain create a maze of rings in order for the hero to fly through in order to save their friends? The villain in the game should be trying to punish the hero, not the person playing the game. You need to be nearly perfect while going through these rings. They allow you to miss up to three throughout the entire maze. The time is really limited though, and you can screw up very easily. It's not too bad until there's a point where you need to sharply go up, down, left, or right. It's a complete pain in my ass, and you need to slow down in order not to screw up at this part too bad, or just get really lucky. The controls are crap.

Second: The levels don't give you much room to get used to the game. After finally getting through the rings, you come to a mission, or whatever the hell you want to call it, where you have to move two cars to safety... or whatever. You have seven seconds to figure out how to pick up the first car, move it, and throw it. You then get about eleven more seconds to move the second car. Watch out for that one lady walking down the street, if you hit her, you're screwed.

Third: When you screw up, why can't you just replay the current mission you're on? Must you have to fly through the rings every damn time? It gets repetitive and boring. On the plus side, you'll begin to master your ring-flying skills. Also, when you fail a mission, why would they even give you an option to restart the game or restart the mission? You can press the A button to restart the mission and press START to restart the game. Why? Seriously? What if you didn't save your game, and you accidentally pressed the start button? You have to go through everything AGAIN.

Fourth: The graphics are absolute crap, and so are the controls. Why is it that a lot of the times the sky is pink? The sky isn't pink, the sky is blue. Is the sun supposed to be setting? Why not make it a darker shade of pink or red, and maybe add a sun up there in the background? Not to mention, but there's so much fog in this game. It makes it really hard to see, as if trying to fly around the city wasn't hard enough to do in the first place.

Lastly, this game can go to hell. I haven't been able to save due to not having a controller pak for my N64, but I've been playing the game a bit since I bought it. I made a vow to beat this piece of shit by the end of Summer. Hopefully I'll make it that far.

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Jul 16, 09 4:31am

A lot of people ask what the best way is to silence your Rock Band and Guitar Hero drums. They're loud, and quite obnoxious to hear instead of the music your playing on your game. Not just that, but if you're living in an apartment building or having parents/siblings trying to sleep, you won't really be able to play your drums. So, I've found what I find to be the best way to silence your RB/GH drums.

1. Buy some Industrial Strength Velcro - yes, velcro. It's really cheap (about $4-$5). In the box is two strips of velcro with adhesive backs so you can stick it to anything. I suggest buying two of these to make sure you have enough.

2. You want the fuzzy strip, not the rougher strip. The fuzzy strip is softer, and will provide more silence and give you a better bounce. You want to peel the adhesive side a little, and wrap it around the tip of your drum sticks about 2-3 times.

3. Next, you want to cut a few pieces of velcro (8 to be exact, two on each drum pad). This is why you want two, to make sure you have enough. I didn't have enough, and had to cut a few strips shorter then the rest. But when you cut it, you want to make sure it goes from one end of the pad to the other, forming an "X" after you get done.

4. Once you get done cutting, just peel the backs off, and stick them to the pads. They stick really well, I've had it on for about a week now and has shown no sign of any wear yet. They peel off pretty easy, so if you mess up, you can always re-stick it on the pad.

That's it. It makes the drum pads a lot quieter, and I've noticed a big difference in my scores as well. I made a video two show the difference between the noise, so when I figure out to upload it from my phone, I'll post it on Neoseeker.

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Jul 6, 09 5:01pm

I'm bored, and haven't blogged in about three months, and really have nothing to blog about. I've been a lot more active on Neoseeker lately though, my schedule has eased up a lot. Yay. Nonetheless, 2009 is more then halfway over, and I've played a lot of games so far this year. Since I've got nothing better to do, I've decided to make a blog about the five most played games that I've play so far this year:

5. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
I love this game. I think I like it better than the original Final Fantasy VII. Character's seem to be a bit more likable, in my opinion. Also, Zack Fair is a MUCH better hero than Cloud Strife. Easily. I played this game non-stop for about a month. It took me about a week to beat it, but then I played it non-stop again after, focusing more on sidequests. I completed every single sidequest the second time around. I think I would actually play the game for about 5-6 hours in a day. After I got done, I'd plug my PSP in and let it charge overnight while I was sleeping. It was just that addicting. I sold my PSP, having never played it. I played all the good games I wanted too, and was able to use the money for what I wanted.

4. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
Meh, I don't really know if this deserves to be on the list or not. It was a toss-up between this and Fallout 3. I just started up on Fallout 3 again about a month ago, catching up on DLC that I have missed, but haven't been playing it too much lately. Paper Mario, though, I've been playing a lot more. It's a fantastic game, the best in the series, and one of my favorite Gamecube games. I love it.

3. Left 4 Dead
I usually play one game of Left 4 Dead every night with my friends. It's really the only game that I play consistently. I may only play one game a night, which usually ends up taking an hour to an hour and a half depending on who we play against, but as I said, I play it regularly. Every night since I got the game. I haven't played it as much since getting all the achievements, but it's really the only game I play daily.

2. Rock Band 2
I play this a lot. More then Left 4 Dead, since I usually play for at least 2-3 hours at a time, several times per day. Mostly drums, but switching between vocals and guitar every now and again. With weekly DLC, this game never gets old. Harmonix got it right: don't release a ton of games each year. Release a lot of DLC to keep the one game fresh.

1. Left 4 Dead 2/Brutal Legend/Modern Warfare 2
I'm going to go ahead and predict it now, that one of these games will be my most played games of 2009. I don't know which one yet. They all release relatively close to each other. Brutal Legend in Rocktober, MW2 one week in November, then L4D2 the week following MW2. I already have two games reserved at Gamestop and one pre-ordered online, it's now just a matter of which game I'll be addicted to the most.

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Apr 12, 09 5:19pm

Holy crap. I just found out a few days ago that Time Warner may be changing their service. Apparently they aren't making enough money by monthly bills, so they are now going to be charging by how much internet people use. You can choose one of five cap levels ranging from 5 GB/month to 100 GB/month. If you exceed that, then they charge you $1 for every extra GB. It works in the same sense of using internet on a cell phone. This sucks. I don't have very many choices for internet where I live, because most are dial-up providers. I'm paying $35 a month for internet, but if I keep using it like I have been, that will increase a lot. The change will soon be coming to: Greensboro, NC, Austin and San Antonio, TX, and Rochester, NY. I literally live about 30-45 minutes from Rochester, NY, so hopefully this won't effect me yet.

So, what does this mean? Will I no longer be able to download big games off of the Xbox Live Arcade without my internet usage going up and charging me big time? Sucks for a lot of people. I've had no rumor with Time Warner's internet up until hearing about this.
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Apr 7, 09 9:37pm

I haven't posted anything in awhile, and I'm at a loss as to what to put up. So I figured I'd make a list -- one of my top five favorite singers of all time. ;D

5. James Hetfield (Metallica)
Probably one of the best voices in rock, to be honest. Hetfield has one of those really powerful voices, and it just sounds epic every time he starts singing. It's hard to really say what sets James Hetfield apart from the rest, he just has a unique voice; sounds just as good live as it does recorded.

4. Brent Smith (Shinedown)
Oh man, I love his voice so much. I'm jealous of it. :( Brent Smith is one of those rare singers that sound so much better live than in the studio. The whole band just sounds so much better live. If you haven't seen them perform live, go watch a video up on Youtube now. NOW!

3. Pete Townshend (The Who)
So, Townshend isn't the lead singer -- Roger is. He does sing backup and has done a lot of solo work as well. Like Hetfield, really, it's hard to explain what makes his voice sound so good. It just does. I especially like some the acoustic version of some of the best Who songs (Pinball Wizard, Won't Get Fooled Again, etc.) I also like his newer live performances (late 90's to now) as compared to his older performances with The Who from the 70's and 80's.

2. Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)
Hell yes. You cannot compile a list of the greatest singers of all time and not include Eddie Vedder. He's just as good now as he was in the 90's, and sounds just as good if not better when performing live. Pearl Jam is probably my favorite band of all time, and I haven't heard a song by them that I haven't liked.

1. TIE: Chris Cornell/Arnel Pineda (Soundgarden & Audioslave/Journey)
Chris Cornell, arguably, has the greatest voice in rock ever. Anybody who has ever heard him before has to absolutely love his voice. In almost all the "top singers of all time" lists, Chris Cornell is almost always either number two or one, and is always within the top five. Definitely my favorite singer ever.

And, I lied. It's a top 6, not a top 5. But I just couldn't choose between Cornell and Pineda. Pineda has such an amazing voice, one of the best I've ever heard. It's unique, and well-fitting for a band like Journey. The awesome thing about Pineda is that he joined Journey by being contacted through Youtube. His videos were uploaded to Youtube, and it was Neal Schon who ended up asking for Pineta's contact information. Pineda ended up leaving his current band, The Zoo, and joining Journey. Personally, I like Pineda better than Steve Perry. A lot of people would disagree, but I think Pineda's voice overall is just better.


So, there you have it. My top 6 singers of all time. Some people that just missed: Kurt Cobain (Nirvana), Layne Stayley (Alice in Chains), Axl Rose (Guns N' Roses), Claudio Sanchez (Coheed and Cambria), and a few more. If I weren't so lazy, I would have made it a top 10, and they would have been on there.

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Mar 22, 09 6:28am

I love me some Rock Band 2. Out of all the great games I own, it is one of my most played games. Guitar is fun, singing is my favorite, and drumming is awesome; too bad I have no kick pedal at the time. D:

March has been the best month for DLC, honestly it has been. The first week for DLC we got Stevie Ray Vaughn's Texas Flood album. All the songs are epic on guitar, except for "I'm Cryin'", I think it is. One of the songs is a major cord fest, and that's pretty much 90% of the song: all chords. But the album itself is epic. Every time I start up Rock Band 2, Texas Flood is always the first song I play. It's that good.

The following week we got some more of The Offspring and R.E.M., and some guy I don't know. I love the song "Losing My Religion" by R.E.M., and it's fun to play. And I loved the two songs by The Offspring as well, even though I'm not that big of a fan of The Offspring.

The week after that was pure greatness. A "Get The Funk Out" pack including Average White Band, Earth Wind & Fire (great song btw), James Brown (hell yes.), Against Me!, The New Pornographers, and Papa Roach. For me, "Last Resort" was probably the best song of the pack. It is fun to play on guitar, fun to sing, and overall just a great song. The James Brown song wasn't all that fun on guitar, but proved to be fun on vocals as I expected it would be.

And this week, the most epic DLC of 'em all: PEARL JAM. Pearl Jam's Ten Album will be coming out for DLC this week for $17.99 (1440 Microsft Points) or 160 MP per track. I can't wait. I'm hyped as hell for this, I have Tuesday off from work, so the first thing I'm doing Tuesday morning is downloading the album. The first song I'm going to play? Jeremy. This is probably one of my favorite rock albums of all time, it has Pearl Jam's best songs on it, and will probably be my favorite DLC of all time, right next to The Best of the Who pack.

Jeremy, Evenflow, Once, Why Go, Black, Porch (a song I've been waiting to play for months), Garden, Deep, Release, Oceans, Master/Slave... I can't wait to play all these songs. Each and everyone one of them. :3 I'm going to play them over and over again. I love you Harmonix. <3
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Mar 13, 09 9:27pm

Wooo! I finally got 1000/1000 gamerscore in Left 4 Dead. It took me awhile, but I got it, and it was the most fun I had "achievement hunting" in a long time. Out of all the achievements in that game, like the ones for beating all four campaigns on Expert difficulty, I never thought Zombie Genocidest (kill 53,595 zombies) would be my last one to get.

I didn't know I was close to it either until last night, when I checked, and I was only about 500 zombies away from it. It felt good when the "Achievement Unlocked" bubble popped up on the screen. :thick:

Left 4 Dead marks my third game to get 1000/1000 gamerscore on. My other two were Madden NFL 06, and the famous Avatar: The Last Airbender, which took me about 4 minutes to get all 5 achievements. Not a very impressive list, but I'm happy with L4D. It's not exactly an easy game to get all the achievements for. I'm pretty close to getting some other games completed as well; I only need a few more for Beautiful Katamari, only three more for Rock Band 2, and one more for Madden 08, and a few more for Madden 09 which won't take long at all.

Speaking of Rock Band 2, I made a band recently in the RB2 subforum, "The Hot Carls". I'm the singer, and we have a guitar player (Fkital), we just need a bassist and drummer now. It doesn't matter what difficulty you play on, just as long as you have some DLC, it's all good. I don't really want to play to compete or go for high scores as a band. That would be a plus, but that's not what I had in mind... just wanted to have some fun, and play with some people who actually have a mic. Every time I play with random people online, no one has a mic.

Ah... and I finally got my Dazzle setup again. I'm going to record some videos this time, and in addition to uploading them to YouTube, I'm going to upload them to Neoseeker as well. I don't know exactly what I'm going to record just yet, but I'll think of something. I'd love to work on a CoD4/L4D/Halo 3 machinima if anyone is interested.

And I've been working on some reviews as well that I should have submitted to Neo pretty soon. I finally started a review for Left 4 Dead, and I've been working on a review for TNA iMPACT!, and a couple of other games. I want to work on a Fallout 3 review too. I haven't written up a review in a long time, so hopefully these turn out better than my last one.

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Mar 8, 09 6:51pm

I got home from work at 11 o'clock last night, and I'm just sitting there playing Rock Band 2, when my friend just randomly says, "Oh, yeah, T.O. signed with the Bills".

I froze for a minute; I couldn't believe it, and litteraly, I didn't. I called him a liar. My friend pulls crap with me all the time, trying to get me to believe that one of my favorite bands are coming out with DLC for Rock Band when they really aren't. He knows how much I dislike the Bills, so I thought this was one of those times he was lying to me.

He keeps telling me that it's true, and I go on to tell him to screw off, and that I don't believe him. About five minutes later, since I have the NFL Network on TV at the time, I see T.O. in a Buffalo Bills hat, announcing he signed with them for a one year deal.......



Seriously. Terrell Owens, a person who bitched about not getting the ball enough, a person with a HUGE ego, signed with the Bills? T.O. wants to win... so why would he sign with the Bills? I thought for sure the Redskins would be the first to get him, maybe even the Giants seeing as how they're having a fair amount of troubles with their wide receivers. But the Bills? I would have never seen it coming. To be honest, I don't see this working out.

Without a doubt, as good as Lee Evens as, T.O. is the top receiver on that team. And T.O. isn't happy unless T.O. is getting the ball. I remember plenty times in the previous two seasons where T.O. would have a shit attitude because he had only one or two catches by half time - sometimes not even that. So is that why T.O. went with the Bills?

I don't see the Bills improving because of this either. Owens is a good receiver, but he drops way too many balls (I know, that sounds bad). If I'm not mistaken, last year, he had the most drops in the league. And with his attitude, that surely isn't going to help the team out. Meh, whatever... I'm just happy the Cowboys got rid of him. Now Roy Williams is going to get his chance, which he didn't get last year.

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Mar 3, 09 5:30pm

I hate going to the mall. Besides the people that stand in the middle of the aisle trying to get you to buy a cell phone or some kind of accessories that you don't need, there's been this one lady handing out samples that annoys the crap out of me.

There's this new store at the mall which sells mostly lotion, and some other skin care products. She's an older Chinese woman, and she is annoying as hell; plus she's aggressive. If you walk past her, she grabs your attention by shouting at you, saying "YOU HANDS SO DWYYYY! YOU NEED LOTION?!" and then she'll grab onto your hand and put a dab of lotion on it. After you rub it in, she'll say, "SEE? THAT BETTER?"

For starters, she pretty much yells in your ear. The mall is always loud, especially since this store happens to be right near the food center, and you pretty much have to yell to have the person standing next to you, but still, she is loud. Even worse is that the lotion smells like shit. I don't want my hands having this horrid mango scent as I walk through the mall. D;

So... yeah. I'm never going to that place again. It's not even the mall that I hate, it's just the people at the mall that I hate. I felt the need to rant about that. :(

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Mar 2, 09 1:18am

I bought Halo 3 recently, after selling it months ago. I haven't played this game in almost a year. I bought this last January with my Xbox, but shortly sold it after buying Call of Duty 4. I put the game in, and this brought back memories. D= <3

It's also fun as hell. Sure, I've played three games and averaged about maybe 12 kills total, but it's still fun. I forgot how rewarding it was to sticky grenade somebody. I'm still getting used to the controls once again. It seems so weird in comparison to Left 4 Dead and Call of Duty 4, which I play all the time. I forgot how to reload, how to crouch, and those long ass jumps are incredibly fun; I'm used to hardly getting off the ground while jumping in CoD4 and L4D.

People also don't seem to be as big assholes as I remember them to be. I remember back when Halo was the only game I had, I would get several threats from little kids saying they would hack my Xbox. I wish I could say the same thing about Call of Duty 4.

That pretty much sums up my first blog post in awhile. I can't believe that a few months back I actually refused to play this game. I love Halo 3. It's so much fun. =D

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Feb 9, 09 2:46pm

Woo. Haha. I finally went out and bought myself a PSP. I think it's been close to a year since I said I was actually going to buy one. So now, I've finally got one. I love it.

I went yesterday and picked it up at Wal-Mart for $169. I didn't have a game, so I went to a store here called GameCraze... and they didn't have a lot of PSP games. So I ended up getting Viewtiful Joe. I didn't get a memory stick, I didn't know I needed one, so I'm going to get a 2gb today. Anyway, I had opened up the case for Viewtiful Joe, and I thought the plastic covering around game was pretty cool, but I had no idea how to get it off.

I kept tugging at the plastic covering around the game, eventually got it out, and tried putting it into the PSP (I know, not very smart >__>). Anyway, I eventually found out the the entire plastic UMD thing goes into the PSP and not just the game itself.

So, yeah. I haven't used my PSP that much, just enough to play Viewtiful Joe a little bit and connect it to the internet. The web browser is pretty awesome, but it's going to take some getting used to. I'm going today to get Monster Hunter Freedom 2, and probably another game. Plus the memory stick. :D

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Feb 3, 09 7:22am

So, the Superbowl is over. Asides from the ProBowl, this marks the end of the 08/09 NFL season. It's sad. Football is pretty much the only sport I follow, and the only sport I watch. I've got the off-season to look forward to, seeing what changes are going to be made over the next couple of months. The draft is always fun to watch, although that's not coming up for another 5-6 months I believe.

However, I have been trying to get into other sports. I've been watching some basketball games as of late, and must say, I was surprisingly entertained. I never really liked basketball, but I was engrossed in a game. I've also been keeping up with it a bit.

As for the Superbowl, I was impressed. It was a great game with a great half-time show. Sure, the Steelers won (I wanted the Cardinals to win) but that's not a big deal. Had the Steelers played the Cowboys, the Cowboys would have won, and would have been the first team in the NFL to have won six Superbowls. Excellent game overall. I think that one touchdown my James Harrison should have been called back, I honestly didn't think it looked like a touchdown, but still... great game. Much better than last year's Patriots/Giants game. I was on the edge of my seat during the last five minutes of the game. I thought for sure the Cardinals had it.

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Jan 31, 09 7:41am

So, yeah. I'm holding a theme contest for the Left 4 Dead forum. I already posted this in the Community Events forum, but figured I'd post it in my blog as well to get the word out a little more. You can win one of six games: Dead Space (XBOX360), Little Big Planet (PS3), Animal Crossing: City Folk (Wii), Chrono Trigger (NDS), God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP) or Fallout 3 (PC).

Only one theme will be selected, so only one person will win. The winner can select any game, and I'll have it shipped to them. So, if you have experience in themes, have no experience at all, and just want to win a game... feel free to enter. =D

No deadline for the contest has been chosen yet. I've noticed that theme contests don't seem to get many entries, so I'm going to hold off and see how much interest this gets, how many people plan on entering, etc. For more details click here.

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Jan 29, 09 3:07am

Yeah. Two days ago, I posted that I was going to try and complete the Endless Setlist on Rock Band 2. I had tried once before, and about two hours in my Xbox froze up.

Well, I finally did it. I started at 9:45 PM, got done right around 4 AM. Long night; my fingers were starting to hurt by 3 AM, I almost fell asleep a few times sitting in my computer chair. I actually almost fell asleep playing "Alive" by Pearl Jam because my eyes got heavy. So, in a result, in between songs I would get up and move around some. I had two cups of coffee that night, but they didn't help me stay awake. D=

I almost failed out on Visions. The song may only be like, what, 3 minutes? But it's hard as hell. I was doing good for awhile, but near the end is when my fingers began hurting even more. Had I missed about 2-3 more notes, I would have failed out at the very end. Panic Attack and Painkiller were very easy compared to Visions. Painkiller was probably one of the easiest of the last ten songs that I played. Yeah, I did this on bass, by the way.

So... 6 hours and 15 minutes got me five Achievements worth 120 (or 125?) points. It was worth it. I had played with my friend... kind of. We started at the same time, got in a party, and kept talking throughout most of the endless setlist. He ended up finishing about 3-5 minutes before me seeing as how he has RB2 installed on his hard drive.

I couldn't fall asleep right after, and once I did, I had trouble staying asleep. So I got about 5 hours of sleep that day. Like I said though, it w as worth it. =D

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Jan 27, 09 5:35am

Wooo. New blog post.

Alright, so, I'm going to see Disturbed next month. I'm excited for it, this will be my second concert. My first one was in June, when I went to go see Godsmack. It was awesome. It was the "edgefest" and had several bands. I got there a bit late, so only got to see the final four, but that's all I cared about. So I ended up seeing Tantric perform, Alterbridge (they sounded like shit, btw), Sevendust, and Godsmack. Sevendust and Godsmack were worth it. I think I ended up getting home around 1:30 that night.

This concert is February 27th. I'm not a huge fan of Disturbed, but I like most of their songs. Mostly their old stuff though. I don't like their new album nearly as much.

And tonight, I'm going for the Endless Setlist 2. I'm doing it on Expert bass (just incase... Visions gives me a hard time on Expert guitar). Should take me around 4-5 hours I think. I really want the Achievement points for it. I get five Achievements: since I'm playing on Expert, I unlock it for all the difficulties (Easy, Medium, Hard) as well. That's about 80 points as well. Then I get the Bladder of Steel Achievement as well; I think that is 40 points. :3

And, I finally got my driver's permit last Tuesday. I've been out driving just three times, but I'm already getting comfortable with it. Started out in a parking lot, then drove around some county roads with barely any cars. Then yesterday I actually went out into traffic for the first time. It was exciting, and I was kind of nervous. A car ended up passing me. :(

I'll be getting my five hour course soon, and whenever driving for me becomes no problem, I'll take the road test and get my license. I can't wait. D: I should have done this two years ago (almost three now) when I turned 16.

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Jan 19, 09 6:23pm

Rock Band DLC has been great the past few weeks. There's been more Foo Fighters, Deep Purple, James Gang, Jethro Tull, Roy Orbison, Lenny Kravitz, and this week we get some Steve Miller Band, Rob Zombie, and my personal favorite - Godsmack.

1. "Space Cowboy" - Steve Miller Band
- Meh, I've never really been a huge fan of the Steve Miller Band. This song sounds pretty good though. As with this and the other two SMB songs, this is going to prove to be fun (and probably challenging on vocals). Also sounds as if this is going to be the hardest song out of the three.

2. "Take The Money and Run" - Steve Miller Band
- This is a great song. Sounds like it's going to be most challenging on drums and vocals.

3. "The Joker" - Steve Miller Band
- I love this song, it's probably my favorite by the Steve Miller Band. Guitar sounds fun, not too challenging though... hopefully I'm wrong on that part though. Vocals should be fun as with the first two songs. Funny thing is that this was just on the radio last night. =D

4. "I Stand Alone" - Godsmack
- ABOUT EFFIN' TIME HARMONIX. =@ Yeah. I love Godsmack, they're one of my favorites along with Iron Maiden, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana. I kind of wish it was a different Godsmack song though. I grew tired of this song, it seemed to get whored out, I was hearing it way too much on the radio. I think this was the Godsmack from The Scorpion King too... wasn't it? I can't remember which song it was. I can't wait for it nonetheless. Doesn't sound like it will be too challenging on any instruments... maybe the most challenging will be guitars. Still though, gimme moar Godsmack. :3

5. "Feed The Tree" - Belly
- First thing that came to my mind when I heard this: 'who the hell is Belly?' I'm still wondering, never heard of them before. Song is kind of boring, but guitar sounds like it's going to be pretty fun.

6. "Wind Me Up" - Ghost Hounds
- I have no clue who this is, and apparently they aren't very popular, because I couldn't find it on YouTube. I search for the song, and all that came up was the anime show Ghost Hound. Then I searched for just the song name, and all I found was songs from other bands. So, I'm just going to assume this song is going to really suck or be surprisingly good. I'll have to buy it and find out.

7. "Typical" - Mute Math
- Hm, I was pretty shocked with this one. This song is going to be really fun. Guitar and drums shouldn't give anyone too much of a problem, but definitely won't be boring. The song itself is pretty good too.

8. "War Zone" - Rob Zombie
- This song is pretty awesome; this is the first time hearing it. Sounds like it's going to be hard on drums and guitar, probably pretty hard on bass too. Rob Zombie has a unique voice, but doesn't sound like it's gonna be all that hard on vocals. Should be really fun to sing though.

Overall, this is another good week for DLC. I'll be getting all eight of the songs.

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chaos blogged
Jan 18, 09 5:00am

Woo. My very first blog post. I'm new to blogs, this is my very first one, so hopefully it turns out at least some what decent. >__>

Yeah. I'm a bit late, since we're going to be entering our third full week of the new year in just two more days... but, since I have no clue what else to blog about, I'm going to make a list of my personal top ten favorite games of 2008. Because everybody loves to read lists. You know you do. Nonetheless:

10. No More Heroes
- This game really surprised me. At first I hardly noticed it, until some other members on Neoseeker stared praising it. So I figured it would be worth it to take a look. It turned out to be one of my favorites on the Wii. Enemies can get kind of repetitive throughout, but boss fights are fun, it puts the Wii's controls to great use, and the cutscenes are very amusing.

9. WWE Smackdown! vs. RAW 2009
- I've been a wrestling fan since I went to my cousin's house back in 1998 and watched a Summerslam PPV. Ever since then, I was addicted to it. Just this year, I've grown extremely bored with wrestling, and haven't watched it since. I picked up this game though, and glad I did. Smackdown! vs. RAW games have been horrible for the past 4-5 years. Storymode has never been fun since HCTP on the PS2, and GM mode got annoying. I can safely say this is the best wrestling game I have played since HCTP.

8. Guitar Hero: World Tour
- I got this game from GameFly, and managed to play through it once on guitar; also played a song on drums and vox as well. Honestly, it's not that good of a game. Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero 2 will always be my favorites. The setlist however is great, much better than Rock Band's setlist.

7. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
- I overhyped this game. I was really excited, but after the first two days, I quickly started to get bored with it. This definitely has the best roster of fighters in the series; playing as Snake was one of my favorite parts of the game. The new story mode was fun, but got way too repetitive. Boss fights were fun to a point. Had a good storyline and good cutscenes however. The game itself is good, but I'd choose Melee over Brawl any day.

6. Madden NFL 09
- I love this game. I'm a huge football fan, always have been. The graphics have been really improved since last year, they went into great detail on the stadiums and the jerseys. Everything looks, feels, and plays great. Online leagues were a huge bonus. I also got the Collector's Edition, so I've been enjoying NFL Head Coach '09 as well.

5. Fallout 3
- Great game. I was considering putting this higher on my list, but I thought it just felt right at number five. It's a fantastic game, offers a ton of replay value, and took me a long time to complete; not just the game itself, but I had to find all the bobble heads too. I tried to not use a guide, but I just had too.

4. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
- The fourth addition to one of my favorite game series of all time: Phoenix Wright. Where as I can say this game isn't as good as the previous Phoenix Wright games, it deserves to be up here on my list. The game seemed a lot more challenging than the past three games. The storyline was amazing as usual, filled with tons of twists and turns that made me play hours on end until I finished the game.

3. Rock Band 2
- Without a doubt this is my favorite music/rhythm game. The peripherals are a lot better and more durable then last year's, and apart from the microphone, they are also wireless. Being able to play through World Tour by myself, with friends locally, or online is a huge improvement over last year; it made those Achievements impossible for me to get. The setlist is great, but has some songs that make me question why they were ever put on. However, being able to transfer most of the songs from RB1 to RB2 for a mere $5, plus weekly DLC, makes up for it.

2. Left 4 Dead
- Probably the most addicting game that I've played all year. I didn't know about the game until just a week before it's release, and getting it the day it came out was a last minute decision for me. I would have regretted not getting this game. Killing off zombies with three other friends is great fun; being able to play as zombies and kill the survivors is even more fun.

1. Chrono Trigger
- I went in my pants a few times when Square first announced they were remaking Chrono Trigger on the DS. Chrono Trigger on the SNES has been my favorite RPG for a long time. The excitement I felt when I went to GameStop to get my reserved copy of Chrono Trigger is indescribable. I played this game for days on end. When I beat it, I went through and played it once more. With updated graphics and a few changes to the game, Chrono Trigger is one of my favorite games on the DS, and my favorite game of 2008.

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