Hello you guys, I know it has been a while before I have been on this site, but it looks as if I am way over 120 profile views! Thanks for doing that, anyway to the point, I will post some more Chao News Today! blogs, but not every saturday. Maybe every month or two. I mean if it was summer time I would be doing one every week, but school is really weighing me down this month. Thanks for your support and I hope to polish a new Chao News Today! sometime in the near future. You can expect to see these chao for me to show you how to get coming up.

-Hyper Sonic

See you soon!

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Sorry you guys but unfortunately I will not post another Chao News Today! for a while because i haven't been getting the views i have wanted not many people have listened to it every week, and I need to come up with some new ones over this time off. School is starting up for 8th grade, and I'm afraid I won't be doing any more Chao News Today! posts unless i get over 120 page views before the end of September, so if you need my guidance your gonna have to tell your friends to visit my page a lot! I was getting a lot of attention to my blogs at the beginning but now not many people ever look at it anymore, So my friends i bid you farewell for now, so to sum it this whole thing up, if you want more Chao News Today posts then your gonna have to get my page views up to 120 or over, by the end of September!

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Hello this is chaoman11 and I hope you guys are ready for this weeks chao news today because its gonna be a good one! Now I'm not gonna tell you what this weeks character chao is, I will let you figure that out on your own! I will give you the answer next week!

Step 1-Get a light blue or shiny white blue egg
Step 2-hatch it with love and care (that means to not chuck it across the garden)
Step 3-make it a light chaos chao by reincarnating it twice and giving it one of every animal. NO CHAOS DRIVES! it could mess it up!
Step 4-let it evolve as a neutral chao, and than make it evolve again and it should look rarely familiar!
Step 5-post your answers and guesses below, if you are a good chao raiser you should be able to know what it is right off the bat
Step 6-Congrats you now have a !@#$% ^&*(


wii gaming related character chao chao sonic sab2 unknown chao

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Hello everyone it's chaoman11 and i am your guide to chao! What will we be taking about today? Well since none of you have asked me what you wanted me to do, I guess I would just do another character chao guide! So what chao are we getting today? Well we are getting the Super Sonic chao! All right lets get started!

Step 1-Get any type of egg, Yellow, or Shiny yellow preferably
Step 2-Hatch it with love and care
Step 3-Make him a N/R/P and raise him with good and bad characters so he will become a neutral chao
Step 4-Don't pet or feed the chao too much with any one character, a few seconds of petting could mess everything up if you are not careful!
Step 5-Get him up to level 5 stamina, level 15 run, and level 10 power, before he evolves
Step 6- Then wait in the chao garden for about 30 minutes until he evolves.
Step 7-When he evolves all his spikes will be up in the air just like super sonic's!
Step 8-Keep leveling him up in his speed and power stats and then have him become an adult
Step 9- Congrats! you should now have a super sonic chao!

Stay Tune for next weeks Chao New Today!

wii gaming related sonic character chao chao sa2b super sonic chao

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Hello everyone, this is chaoman11, and today we will talk about how to get another character chao! Now this character chao is not the easiest chao to obtain, so listen carefully and you should be able to do it The chao we will get today is none other than the metal sonic chao! So with out further ado lets dive right in!

Step 1-Get any type of egg, sapphire blue jewel or shiny blue preferably
Step 2-Hatch it with love and care (that means not throwing it against anything)
Step 3-Make him a N/R/S chao
Step 4-Raise him evenly between good and bad characters so he will become a neutral chao
Step 5-Don't pet, or feed him too much with any one character, a few seconds of petting could completely mess everything up
Step 6-Get him up to at least level 15 run, level 10 swim, and level 5 stamina.
Step 7- Wait about 30 minutes in the garden, to give him some time to evolve.
Step 8-Once he has evolved,he should have his spikes with that space in the back, just like Metal Sonic.
Step 9-Then win a beginner race and get him the medal, this will resemble the hole in medal sonic's chest
Step 10-Congrats you now have a medal sonic chao!


chao sonic sab2 character chao metal sonic chao wii gaming related

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Hello everyone this is chaoman11, and i am your guide to chao! For your information i will be doing these blogs every other saturday, but i will make an exception for today since it is the very first Chao News Today. So on to the news, today i will talk about character chao. Now to let you all know, I know more than 40 different character chao!
And the one we will talk about today is the silver the hedgehog chao! Now, i have a silver chao in my garden so here is how you get him!
Step 1- get any type of egg, grey, or white preferably
Step 2-hatch it with love and care( that means to not throw it against a wall)
Step 3- give him flying drives or animals as good and bad characters equally so he can be a N/F/F type
Step 4-get him up to level 10-15 fly and 1-5 stamina
Step 5 -try not to pet him too much with any one character, even a a few seconds with one character could mess everything up!
Step 6-wait about 30 minutes in the garden to give him some time to evolve
Step 7-when he evolves he should have silvers long back spikes.
Step 8-next go to the stage metal harbor, and get a peacock.
Step 10-give him the peacock and he should have a tuft on his head that looks like his front spikes
Step 10-win a flying beginner race with him and get him his medal, this medal will resemble his psychic powers
Step 11-Congrats you now have your very own silver chao!


wii gaming related chao sonic sa2b character chao silver chao

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