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Aug 21, 11 12:33am

Chao News Today!

Hello this is chaoman11 and I hope you guys are ready for this weeks chao news today because its gonna be a good one! Now I'm not gonna tell you what this weeks character chao is, I will let you figure that out on your own! I will give you the answer next week!

Step 1-Get a light blue or shiny white blue egg
Step 2-hatch it with love and care (that means to not chuck it across the garden)
Step 3-make it a light chaos chao by reincarnating it twice and giving it one of every animal. NO CHAOS DRIVES! it could mess it up!
Step 4-let it evolve as a neutral chao, and than make it evolve again and it should look rarely familiar!
Step 5-post your answers and guesses below, if you are a good chao raiser you should be able to know what it is right off the bat
Step 6-Congrats you now have a !@#$% ^&*(


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