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Aug 13, 11 6:01pm

Chao News Today!

Hello everyone it's chaoman11 and i am your guide to chao! What will we be taking about today? Well since none of you have asked me what you wanted me to do, I guess I would just do another character chao guide! So what chao are we getting today? Well we are getting the Super Sonic chao! All right lets get started!

Step 1-Get any type of egg, Yellow, or Shiny yellow preferably
Step 2-Hatch it with love and care
Step 3-Make him a N/R/P and raise him with good and bad characters so he will become a neutral chao
Step 4-Don't pet or feed the chao too much with any one character, a few seconds of petting could mess everything up if you are not careful!
Step 5-Get him up to level 5 stamina, level 15 run, and level 10 power, before he evolves
Step 6- Then wait in the chao garden for about 30 minutes until he evolves.
Step 7-When he evolves all his spikes will be up in the air just like super sonic's!
Step 8-Keep leveling him up in his speed and power stats and then have him become an adult
Step 9- Congrats! you should now have a super sonic chao!

Stay Tune for next weeks Chao New Today!

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Austin810 Aug 15, 11
Great job, bro! Keep up the great work!

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