DeadDuck144 chalupaGCN
Aug 26, 09 3:09am
Chalupa is teh KING!!!!!!!1!11!!!1 He is almost as cool as nightmare04dunk. Both of you are cooler than Oshi though. That guy sucks!
zippen_zappen_alan chalupaGCN
Jul 11, 06 6:11am
just felt like signing your guestbook

please sign my guestbook!!

Satokasu Suki chalupaGCN
Dec 19, 04 9:36pm
Hey there,

I see you like your banner. I'm happy.

Happy Holidays!
Princess Peach chalupaGCN
Aug 28, 04 2:19pm
I take it you're a Donkey Kong fan, right? I'm a fan of the ape myself, and my brother is even a bigger fan. ^^ Got hooked on his games since Donkey Kong Country for SNES. I hope you enjoy Donkey Konga, I think I will. ^^ I'll see you around!

NSX chalupaGCN
Aug 26, 04 2:35am
Your guestbook has been signed by whom? Guess.

See you around chalupaGCN. Sign back if you want...
Satokasu Suki chalupaGCN
Aug 20, 03 6:05pm
Hey, I've seen you around the Mario Party 5 Forum and you seem really nice. So here I am, signing your guestbook! Maybe we can chat sometime?

Thanks again for signing my guestbook!
marioandluigi chalupaGCN
Jul 30, 03 7:48am
hmmm i guese i can sign the book for you if your lonely so anyways iv seen you around the mp5 forums and hopfully we can build it up somehow anwyas
book signed -mario(no luigis)
Ssslumber chalupaGCN
Jul 23, 03 11:33pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook! Well, in all of your posts, you're always saying to sign your guestbook, so here I am signing your guestbook! I can't wait until Mario Party 5 comes out because I hope it is going to be better than MP4. I'll see around the MP5 forum and maybe some others, too.

kurama chalupaGCN
Jul 10, 03 12:58am
lol. I like that face. You signed my guestbook and so now I'm signing yours. Need for Speed 2: Hot Pursuit is cool. This 125 character rule bites, I can never think of anything to say.
lardo11 chalupaGCN
Jul 09, 03 8:35pm
hey! thanks for signin my guestbook. almost nobody else has but thanks. i hate this stupid stupid stupid 125 minimum thingy!!!