hi. thanks for signing.
i dont have a stamp.....
so heres a line

hi. thanks for signing.
i dont have a stamp.....
so heres a line

i am just signing random peoples g/b cos there is nothing to do so i will stamp you now
It's been a while. Just showing off my very own stamp.

(You've been stamped by Chromatos)
I've seen you in Loungin', so I decided to sign your guestbook.

Don't forget to sign back!

Here's a willy stamp for you.

I am lost in the desert of the_REAL_____

For signing, you get stamped back you lucky person you. ^_~

It's been a long time...
Time to stamp!!!

Donate stamps here
Now time to spam up the rest of the characters!
*reads that spam is strictly forbidden*
Oh wait, can't do that... Maybe I'll make fun of you!
*reads that flaming is strictly forbidden*
Dang. Oh wait...
*counts characters*
I'm outta here!
Just feel seasonal joy lol, hey Merry christmas hope you have a good one!

from *drum roll*
thanks for signing my guestbook!
Here's a stampie for you!

I know it's not that great, but it's about the best i can do given my stamp creation skills >_<

Happy Christmas!
Hey there chain_gang_solider x, It's my seasonal signing spree, and thanks for the stamp
Here's the stamp i got off of google, enjoy

Take Care, and Remember to Sign Back!

Hope to see you around dude! Keep up the good work and visit my site often!

I'm just signing back. I hope you like the stamp.

Oh, and if you don't celebrate Christmas, then Happy Holidays.

See you around.

thanx dude actually I don’t have a Stamp yet
and I don’t know how to add the picture in the guest book

BTW you cool man
YOU'RE A MANIACAL GUY!!!!!! Hehe just kidding. Anyway, Thank for signin the GB (I don't have a stamp though, sorry) and I'm looking forward to see you in the Loungin forum again.
Thanks for signing my guestbook twice ,
heres a piccy as I have no stamp.
Merry Christmas.
I tought I would sign your guestbook, You seem pretty cool.
Hope to be friends sometime!
hey, just here to return the favor.

thanks for signing mine

take care

see you around;)
You know, it would actually help if you put a direct link to this page. So technically i didn't fall for the oldest trick in the book. In your face. I might aswell stamp you, though.

See you around.
Halloween GB signing!Peace man!*hands candy*Ok,my work here is done.Well,no stamp unfortunately.So,have a happy Halloween.Go play in the streets.
john cena rox!!! chain gang soldier 4 life dude!

sign back when u get the chance lol
Well you got me with your trickery. I dont have a stamp though. I'll be looking forward to the so called suprise at the end. Have a nice Day!
Yo! 'Sup, dude! Long time, eh? ^^ Well, here to wish you a happy halloween...yeah. Sorry, ain't got a new stamp. Too lazy to make one...so, I'll just give you this:

Sup.Thanks for signing my GB.Chain gang for life yo.The champ is here.The champ is coming to win again.you want some then come get some.lol
Hey, thanks for signing my GB. Signing back...now.

Oh, yeah, the girl's plug-ugly.


Hey! Stampy time!

^^ Enjoy staring at it...shiiiiinnyyy....