dathboy chain_gang_soldier x
Aug 26, 06 12:40pm
hi. thanks for signing.
i dont have a stamp.....
so heres a line

dathboy chain_gang_soldier x
Aug 26, 06 12:39pm
hi. thanks for signing.
i dont have a stamp.....
so heres a line

hyperion45 chain_gang_soldier x
Mar 11, 06 12:37am
i am just signing random peoples g/b cos there is nothing to do so i will stamp you now
Chromatos chain_gang_soldier x
Feb 4, 06 7:25pm
It's been a while. Just showing off my very own stamp.

(You've been stamped by Chromatos)
Shocker chain_gang_soldier x
Jan 30, 06 9:51pm
I've seen you in Loungin', so I decided to sign your guestbook.

Don't forget to sign back!

Here's a willy stamp for you.

I am lost in the desert of the_REAL_____

Chaos Seraph chain_gang_soldier x
Dec 31, 05 10:46am
For signing, you get stamped back you lucky person you. ^_~

Comic man chain_gang_soldier x
Dec 29, 05 6:07pm
It's been a long time...
Time to stamp!!!

Donate stamps here
Now time to spam up the rest of the characters!
*reads that spam is strictly forbidden*
Oh wait, can't do that... Maybe I'll make fun of you!
*reads that flaming is strictly forbidden*
Dang. Oh wait...
*counts characters*
I'm outta here!
Just feel seasonal joy lol, hey Merry christmas hope you have a good one!

from *drum roll*
Mouldy Cheese chain_gang_soldier x
Dec 26, 05 10:03am
thanks for signing my guestbook!
Here's a stampie for you!

I know it's not that great, but it's about the best i can do given my stamp creation skills >_<

Happy Christmas!
ChRisSy_1 chain_gang_soldier x
Dec 25, 05 11:16pm
Hey there chain_gang_solider x, It's my seasonal signing spree, and thanks for the stamp
Here's the stamp i got off of google, enjoy

Take Care, and Remember to Sign Back!
tyranitar24 chain_gang_soldier x
Dec 24, 05 10:50pm

Hope to see you around dude! Keep up the good work and visit my site often!
EmmieGurl chain_gang_soldier x
Dec 23, 05 6:00pm

I'm just signing back. I hope you like the stamp.

Oh, and if you don't celebrate Christmas, then Happy Holidays.

See you around.

thanx dude actually I don’t have a Stamp yet
and I don’t know how to add the picture in the guest book

BTW you cool man
Chromatos chain_gang_soldier x
Dec 21, 05 8:32pm
YOU'RE A MANIACAL GUY!!!!!! Hehe just kidding. Anyway, Thank for signin the GB (I don't have a stamp though, sorry) and I'm looking forward to see you in the Loungin forum again.
Tengu chain_gang_soldier x
Dec 21, 05 3:33pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook twice ,
heres a piccy as I have no stamp.
Merry Christmas.
I tought I would sign your guestbook, You seem pretty cool.
Hope to be friends sometime!
parvez2004 chain_gang_soldier x
Nov 21, 05 2:11pm
hey, just here to return the favor.

thanks for signing mine

take care

see you around;)
You know, it would actually help if you put a direct link to this page. So technically i didn't fall for the oldest trick in the book. In your face. I might aswell stamp you, though.

See you around.
Takgirl2 chain_gang_soldier x
Nov 1, 05 6:17pm
Halloween GB signing!Peace man!*hands candy*Ok,my work here is done.Well,no stamp unfortunately.So,have a happy Halloween.Go play in the streets.
Thug X chain_gang_soldier x
Oct 31, 05 5:49pm
john cena rox!!! chain gang soldier 4 life dude!

sign back when u get the chance lol
Garkaz chain_gang_soldier x
Oct 31, 05 4:56pm
Well you got me with your trickery. I dont have a stamp though. I'll be looking forward to the so called suprise at the end. Have a nice Day!
DragonzRule chain_gang_soldier x
Oct 31, 05 3:21pm
Yo! 'Sup, dude! Long time, eh? ^^ Well, here to wish you a happy halloween...yeah. Sorry, ain't got a new stamp. Too lazy to make one...so, I'll just give you this:

Sup.Thanks for signing my GB.Chain gang for life yo.The champ is here.The champ is coming to win again.you want some then come get some.lol
Distortion chain_gang_soldier x
Aug 16, 05 10:37am
Hey, thanks for signing my GB. Signing back...now.

Oh, yeah, the girl's plug-ugly.


DragonzRule chain_gang_soldier x
Aug 14, 05 10:50pm
Hey! Stampy time!

^^ Enjoy staring at it...shiiiiinnyyy....