Juls 1 ccspiffy
Aug 28, 08 8:25pm
i probely will get ar but it might be a while till I start with it so if i make a shop u can be a helper if u want, it would be cool dont u think
Juls 1 ccspiffy
Aug 22, 08 8:50pm
well i am just signing so u can sign mine and i wanted u to know that u r a good friend on neoseeker and i might get ar soon so i might make a ar shop like dfk's but not ecsactly well i have to bye http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj63/Krazyangelno1/snoopy/Snoopy20week-end.jpg
hailey5415 ccspiffy
Aug 16, 08 10:53pm
Hey CC! Well i thought i should sign your guestbook =], So here's my stampy:

Talk to ya soon!
starz ccspiffy
Aug 6, 08 6:09pm
Welcome to Neoseeker!

You seem cool. Wanna be NeoBuddies?

Are you still online, I want you to open your gates please =)

See ya around,