_Many more Dream Ball and other unique ball Pokemon to be added. Still under construction. DO NOT post or send me a PM until

I am breeding Mudkips in Love Balls atm and have these up for trade. I'm looking to trade them for other unique ball fema

Need help moving my Destiny Knot and Everstone form my Y game to Ruby. Looking for someone that can help me trade over 2 poke

I need help moving my fire stone, thunder stone and charizard Y stone from my Pokemon X game to Omega Ruby. I'll give you

I'm looking for Apricorn ball / Dream ball female Mudkip, treecko, zorua, foakie, squirtle. What I have for trade:

I'm looking for Ditto's with these Natures. I don't care if they are hacked or what not since I will only be usin

I was collecting Event Pokemon but I'm no longer interested in keeping them. I'm not sure as to what one's have b

Hello I'm Looking to get some rare ball females. I'm looking for females that have the right nature for competitive b

Hello I have yet to pick up my Pumpkaboo Spooky2014. This is not a Poke I plan on keeping so I'm looking to see what peop

Hello I'm looking for someone to help me EV train these 2 Pokemon. I've been doing so much EV training I know longer

Hello like the Title says I'm looking for a Growlithe. It must be legit and kalos born. Do not offer me one that has been

I'm in the middle of breeding Pokemon atm and just got a Shiny Bagon. I don't have anything in mind for him so just o

Hello. I'm trying to build some References that way people can trust me to hatch eggs for them. I would like to be able t

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