Hello guys, what do you think of this team? Any suggestions to improve? Landorus-Therian (M) @ Leftovers Ability: Intimid

Hello guys, I made this team with one thing in mind, Mega pinsir destroys the opponent and the rest of the team supports him,

I want an Impish with Stealth Rocks and I can offer anything in my list.

I'm starting my shiny collection and it's still a modest one, but with a little help someday it will be a respectable

Hello Fellas! I want to build a new team and this is a core part of it, can anyone provide me one? I have all the Poke X me

Hello guys! I need some help to improve this team. Some restrictions apply, as I'm currently playing in a metagame that d

Hi guys, I'm in need of this sucker. I have some legendaries to offer.

Hello to all! This is my second attempt at team building, and I would like to know what to do to improve my team effectivene

Hello, this is my first attempt at building my own team (instead of just following "recipes", like sun or rain team

Title says all, I want some shinies =) Here is what i can offer: - Jolly Moxie Bagon, 4 Ivs , Dragon dance and Dragon rus

Hi Guys I know that pokebank is still unreleased, but its worth a try. I'm Looking for a Bold Umbreon with the tutor move

Hi guys, I'm looking for an Entei for my girlfriend, she really loves it and I'm willing to offer 2 (Two!!) Zygardes

I'm trying to complete my national dex and those 2 are really hard to find on the gts. Can someone help me? I can reward

I don't care about its IVs or Nature, just need it's Ability. I can give a 5 IV Bagon with dragon rush and dragon dan

Hi, does anyone have a cascoon laying around?

I cant seem to find any friend safari with this particular poke, so anyone have one laying around? Say your price and I'

Hi people, I'm looking for someone with this safari, but I'm adding anyone.

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