_NOTE TO CHALLENGERS:_ I will be unavailable for gym challenges (PO and wifi) until after Thanksgiving (November 28). Plea

_So YOU want to be a Pokemon Master?!?_ To do that, you'll need near-flawless pokemon that can beat all the rest. Thi

http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/b/bc/673Gogoat.png/250px-673Gogoat.png Estimated Base Stats (from Serebii): 123 / 10

With Pokemon B2W2, I got the Pokemon Dream Radar app that allows me to get a few extra legendary pokemon. As a _downloaded_

I wasn't sure if this should go in the XY forum or here, but I thought it would be better suited to a strategic audience.

I just bred an eevee, and when I checked it, it turned out to be in a great ball! I also bred a few other pokemon, but they&

I was checking my garden and found that I got a berry mutation! When you plant oran berries and pecha berries next to each o

Vivillion has a lot of different patterns. Mine just evolved into the polar pattern! :D Here are some (but not all!) potent

@Jeevs was asking for community feedback here: http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/49445/t1895182-neoleague-thread-nine-you-climb

Looking forward to X and Y! :)

I was reading the FAQ for pokemon bank here: http://www.pokemonxy.com/en-us/strategy/ when 2 things stood out to me: Pleas

So, you're creating an offensive pokemon, like volcarona, or scizor. You've put 252 EVs into Sp. Attack/Attack and S

The Multi-type Challenge is a challenge that may be played out on any official Pokémon game. _The goal is to use as m

I just hatched out all of the spare eevee eggs I'd been accumulating while breeding for DWF eevees, so I now have a total

I'm looking for advice on my rain team. I've battled with it a few times, and while I can hold my own, I never seem

Time to increase my Pokedex Numbers!
I need to stop goofing around with trading and start focusing on building my competitive team...
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