JA5ON cardmancoll
Jul 8, 13 8:25pm
great buyer! quick and smooth transaction. would do business anytime! Ty!
fishbowl cardmancoll
Jul 5, 13 3:31pm
Fast and smooth repeat sales
theHPteam cardmancoll
Jul 3, 13 1:07am
Friendly buyer. Bought 800 hps from me with no problem. Perfect.
DudeDaDude cardmancoll
Jun 23, 13 10:34pm
Good buyer. Very quick transaction.
ziemlaj cardmancoll
May 31, 13 7:23pm
Bought hp from me, fast and easy, without any issue! Worth to recommend it, but hope he will stick with me:D
AndUKnowThis cardmancoll
May 22, 13 6:38pm
Thanks again CardMan. Good deal all around and I enjoyed the conversation. I will definetally be using ur server locating technique. Damn I need Hades! Thanks again buddy. See you soon.
rageadict cardmancoll
May 17, 13 9:49pm
Great trustworthy buyer hope to do business again soon
Sephiroth35 cardmancoll
May 6, 13 8:52pm
our first transaction went pretty smooth and fast, looking forward to doing more business in the future!! A++
Razaoor cardmancoll
Apr 28, 13 12:32pm
Though amount is small, but transaction went fast and smooth.
I_sell_HP cardmancoll
Apr 21, 13 10:52pm
Great buyer made transaction very smooth even for a seasoned seller like me lol. Plain awesome!
Shutterbug cardmancoll
Apr 13, 13 1:19pm
Being a newbie here in the HP business, it really is hard to get buyers. Thank you so much for trusting me! You are truly highly recommended.
Weisong cardmancoll
Apr 6, 13 10:44pm
Will highly recommend and will continue to do trades with =D. Very good long time partner =D
VirtualSell3r cardmancoll
Apr 4, 13 6:09pm
Great buyer!!
IGame cardmancoll
Mar 30, 13 3:17am
I just sold 1k hps to him.. nice and patient
Kolor cardmancoll
Mar 28, 13 9:31am
pleasure doing business. always trusted. thanks.
suchandr cardmancoll
Mar 23, 13 10:33pm
Easy to deal with and payment made as promised
Ronso Rage cardmancoll
Feb 25, 13 7:39pm
Used a SSR Luci through the Bazaar and made it unique and triple checked that it was the right one that I was buying! Great buyer, recommend to alll!
Ronso Rage cardmancoll
Feb 22, 13 3:07pm
Did the deal through the bazaar and the transaction was flawless! Great buyer
FullMetal420 cardmancoll
Feb 16, 13 1:43pm
Good buyer. Fast payment. Would sell to again.
gborn cardmancoll
Feb 1, 13 9:07pm
Thank you for buying, please come again
phoenix132138 cardmancoll
Jan 28, 13 5:49pm
Bought a small hp transaction from me. Fast deal, no issues.
OriginalRoB cardmancoll
Jan 19, 13 1:08am
rokea cardmancoll
Jan 17, 13 11:05am
Easy transaction, great communication, thanks a lot
MrWonderful cardmancoll
Jan 17, 13 12:09am
Another great transaction. fast payment and hassle free.
quantimu cardmancoll
Jan 7, 13 8:04pm
Great buyer and fast transaction.