I am signing your guest book! Hahahahahahahahaha! Thought you'd like to know that. Errr... You do not mind do you? I hope not because I have no clue as to whether or not I can remove my 'signature'. >.< Well, talk to you later! Byeee.
hey dude or dudette youalso seem cool and awsome ugh the 124 charater curse ghaimjg.kGQFNHR WSUGT KUEGHMJESHG TFNU HES;OFIA YWIYUD FNHKgnueuf hairyguhs odughnj thAT shold do it
So it's me Aang! If you don't rememeber me check this out:


This must probably bring up a memory!!! So yeah I'm still helping out a couple of people!

Keep rockin!
hey just thought i would show you what i was talking about. click mister linky
Well it's alomst Christmas now, have a stamp

Disclaimer: This stamp is not trying to offend you or Christmas in any way, it is just meant to be a funny picture and it would like to apologise for any offecne it may have caused
I've been on Neo for 1 year now, so i'm going and siging all my frineds gustbook's, and this time a have a stamp

Yo! You rock. Keep up the good work, whatever it is that you're doing. Enjoy the stamp!

hey i just wanted to sign you gb but i have onley seen you in the zelda fourum so yeah il talk to you later oh and i dont know how to give snaps so i cant give you one so yeah dont be afraid to sign back

My stamp sucks however you signed my GB so heres me signing back
yo whats up your my neofriend now =]
I just read your biography and your 90% like me only that i dont have a SNES and im not a FULL vegetarian.well i hope i see you around.
Yes, It is me, I am thy god so bow down before my glory.

Yeah, thats right, you should.

Anywho, I lost my stamp so for the time being...