Amsey canderson
Mar 18, 13 2:38pm

Since you asked for one, your wish is my command! Don't go too crazy now.

~Amsey (Speehs)
Mario Legend canderson
Jan 15, 10 5:50am
Saw your post lol anyways see your Mario fan..... Go Mario woooooooh!

Anyways hope ta see you on the anime forum @)
Zuidy canderson
Jan 14, 10 12:18am
I remember seeing this in one of the "Stick Figures On Crack" on YouTube.

I saw your custom title, too, so that was good motivation for me to sign your guestbook.
Kokoro canderson
Aug 29, 09 10:53am
I never got around to signing your guestbook back before. I will do so now. Here's a nice little stamp:

I've seen you around a bit over the years too. I've always remembered that headbanging Mario avatar of yours too.
Symphonic Abyss canderson
Aug 26, 09 3:21am

And remember, Day says: BAM BAM BAM ACTION ACTION ACTION End. Remember this.


Anyways, I saw you wanted GB signings. I signed.
Taz124 canderson
Aug 10, 09 9:16pm

I'm gong around stamping EEEEVVVEEERRRRYYYY one in neoseeker!!!!!! !!!! !
Dio canderson
Jun 19, 09 7:20am
hahaha my favorite PM buddy. i will create some new zelda videos soon and you will be in them.

and remember, keep on rocking like Mario in you avatar.
Boo canderson
Jun 17, 09 8:18pm

Thank you for signing my guestbook, I thought I should return the favour. ^-^'
starz canderson
Sep 13, 08 5:48pm
Saw your sig, so decided to sign.

Didn't want to get obliberated.



j_fire11 canderson
Aug 7, 08 8:53am
It's a bad idea to want to force others with Guestbook signings. =o

But yours IS pretty lonely.. =o

now im just wasting room so I can submit this

Final Blade canderson
Jul 22, 08 10:07pm
Just returning the GB signing. Thanks for commenting. Yes I remember you, a Nintendo mario fan, from the avatar. I wish I had a stamp I could post here. But i think this will do.

Cruxis Mana canderson
Jul 12, 08 1:56pm

Fear my infinite knowledge of computer graphics ! xD

Thanks for the guestbook signing and hope to see you around all of the Tales forums. =P
Hoa Dao canderson
Jul 1, 08 7:28pm
Crap, I wish I can edit my entry... XD

*insert random stuff for filler* akjfak gaegkjkj kfjdkfjkd jkdf jdkj kdfj kfjdk jfkdjfkfjkd enough!

*tackles again*
Hoa Dao canderson
Jul 1, 08 7:27pm
[size=1]Thanks for signing my guestbook. I don't really care much about my guestbook to be honest, but it's nice to see some signatures after what, half-a-year? XD

You'll be seeing me in the Tales forums a lot, not just the Knight of Ratatosk haha XD;;

Oh and the official Tales forums too, though there's too much going on in the separate threads so I usually don't post in the general Tales section, and I kind of grew out of the Tales of Symphonia section and well, I don't have Abyss and Legendia xD;;

Anyway see ya ~

MurderManMatUtsch canderson
Jun 29, 08 4:50pm
Im signing, please just put it down...

Im so scared.

*wets self*

im sorry sir...

*tears up*

*Sniffle Sniffle*
DarkKnight canderson
Jun 24, 08 12:05am
Yeah, I'm a Tales junkie. Only Abyss and Symphonia? You gotta expand your horizens, man. MY favorite is the Destiny Remake by far. XD

Dio canderson
Mar 30, 08 3:44am
what's up man?

where have you been buddy?

The field "Guestbook Entry" does not meet the minimum length of 125 characters (white space is trimmed from the beginning and end of the text).
Anon_Y_Mous canderson
Mar 29, 08 9:44pm

Your not the only one with the lonely guestbook, my is also abandoned.
LyallAurion canderson
Dec 25, 06 8:39pm
Hi! ^.^ If you see this (or ever do), happy holidays and thanks for being one of my best friends on Neoseeker. Hope you get lots of stuff!

wbsonic canderson
Oct 28, 06 8:02pm
Since i'm back I guess I'll sign your Guestbook.

FoxyBoxer canderson
Oct 12, 06 9:01pm
I'm signing back! Hurray! Hope to see a lot more of you around the ToS forum!

......I still have to get a stamp....I'm so damn lazy....
Arietta canderson
Oct 3, 06 12:54am
Hey I am signing your Guest vook because you are cool!!

Here is my stamp:

And hope you like my bonus that I am giving you

Here is the bonus:
Black Darkness canderson
Sep 13, 06 9:12pm
Hey Mo'Fo.

Sign back.

Black Darkness
Shadowgirl10123 canderson
Sep 13, 06 1:27am
Hey, just thought Id help you fill up youre guestbook

Mr Sponget canderson
Sep 10, 06 10:42pm
Thanks for signing and all the good tips for the Pokemon Portal. Have fun. I don't have a stamp but that's because it's not a holiday. I can't think of anything good other than that.