Most underwhelming boxing match I've ever watched. -_-
likes Vast's status update: "Holy shit that was awesome"
likes Vast's status update: "At the movies :D"
Damn! Very exciting movie. Not my favorite Marvel film, but it's up there for me. =D
Finally made it. Can't wait to see this movie tonight. =D
Final day of avoiding spoilers. Woooo
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Too difficult avoiding Avengers spoilers. Just 3 days left. :(

Glad to hear about Black Widow and the other characters.

What about Scarlet Witch(or Wanda), did she get some focus? read more

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We get it in 6 days.

Question: Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch, do they shine at any moments in the film,... read more

likes Gradivus' status update: "Really enjoying the second Mario Kart 8 DLC pack!"

It's out. Go download it and get destroyed on 200cc (must gold everything on 150cc before you can... read more

likes Sigma's status update: "Well, it looks like I'm part of the Tufts University Class of 2019 now... that's so weird to say. :o"
Why does the US have to get the Avengers movie LAST? I can't wait an extra 8 days. =(

I'm honestly more hyped for this DLC than anything that Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS has to offer.

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Youll become a new man. I promise
Ummm......okay. xD read more

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I'll be in that place in 3 weeks. It better be good, or I'm blaming you. read more

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