38 more days.......^_^
39 days remaining
40 more days to go.....we're getting there
41 more days to go.
6 more weeks to go till NYCC . =D
Today is the 20th anniversary of a gaming series no one gives a shit about: Earthbound.
44 more days. :)
45 days remaining. :)
Getting notified by stupid shit that has nothing to do with me, as of recent. It's annoying -_-
46 more days!!
So focused on counting down the days til NY Comic Con, I didn't realize that I signed up on Neoseeker 9 years ago as of today.
47 more days. DAMNIT
7 more weeks. =D
51 more days :)
52 more days =D
8 more weeks to go!!!!
Never doing the ALS challenge ever again!! xD
Yay, Tearaway is on PS4 now. Next, bring the Gravity Rush sequel to that console. PLEASE!!! Don't want to get a dead handheld to play them.


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