Exactly 2 months until Pokemon fans eat up the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire remakes because they have nothing better to do. =P
18 days to go!!!!! Wooooo!!! ^_^
19 days til New York Comic Con. Can't wait to stop this damn countdown. xD
DAMN, the line for the iPhone 6 in my area is ridiculously long. Surprised that hundreds slept out on line for the night. Haha wow!!!!
Exactly 3 weeks til NYCC. So *bleep*ing close.
Going to aim for 1,000 3DS Streetpasses at NY Comic Con this year. I think it's possible. :)
22 days til NY Comic Con and the day I stop using statuses completely. =P
23 days remaining
24 days left. =D
Damn, The Super Smash Bros demo just destroyed my friend's 3DS Circle Pad. Guess that's Nintendo's plan to sell the New Nintendo 3DS
25 days remaining. Almost there.
People are buying the code from the Super Smash Bros demo on eBay. People are beyond stupid. Those morons can wait another damn week. -_-
Only 26 days left. The convention center is already being set up =D
27 days remain. Excitement rising.
So Smash Run in the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros has NO online play. Yup, skipping this crappy handheld version -_-
Exactly 4 weeks til the best con in the country begins. 28 more days :)
DAMN Book 4 of Legend of Korra releases the same day as Super Smash Bros 3DS. October is gonna be a great month
Sometimes I forget that Destiny is on Xbox consoles. =P I wonder who's the 0.0001 % who bought it on a Microsoft console.


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