The Legend of Korra finale was amazing. :)
Ubisoft *bleep*ed up Tetris......Godamnit!!!!! -
Hope 2015 is a great year for the gaming industry. 2014 was pretty shitty. Many broken games upon release, Gamergate existing, etc.
The PC fanbase.....smh.
80 days remaining. Getting there. :)
Korra finale next week. Can't wait!!! =D
I hope we get another Paper Mario game similar to Sticker Star. The sadist in me wants to see the reactions from Paper Mario fans. =P
85 days till PAX East. :)
Christmas season is too damn expensive. Shopping is finally done at least.
Wish I could deactivate my Steam account. Damnit. =(
The amount of content revealed at the Playstation Experience for PS4 is fantastic, while their other device get pointless ports. *sigh*
All 5 people finally posted a status about N+. I feel pretty damn good right now. Happy Holidays! =D
I'm feeling more generous at the moment. Hmmmmm!!!!
To the 5 people(not giving names) who received the gift of N+ from me, I hope you all are pleased. :)
Stop throwing your money at Ubisoft morons. :(
13 years ago, the best Gamecube game of all time released. :)
Didn't even know there were Vita fans on this forum.
Happy 20th anniversary to the Playstation. 4 great consoles and 2 handhelds they put no effort into, especially the latter one.


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