Why does the US have to get the Avengers movie LAST? I can't wait an extra 8 days. =(
Time to head back to boring NYC. Thankfully there's a con in Pennsylvania next month to look forward to. :)
Anime Boston is too damn exciting. Sad it must come to an end in a little while. :(
Woooo Anime Boston has finally arrived!!
1 last day of waiting. :)
SMT x FE new trailer is absolutely disgusting. -_-
Google's April Fools pranks are always god tier. This year is no different.
3 days remain......... =D
5 days!!! ^_^
Disappointed that Zelda Wii U got delayed to 2016. -_-
Happy Spring to those in the Northeast. Enjoy the damn snow -_-
Too many remastered games this generation. Sad that people eat them up.
Finally back from PAX. Very glad to try a few games as well as meeting MANY new people who've I known from online. Great experience =D
Finally time to tackle PAX East for the 5th time this weekend! =D
The snow refuses to leave us Northeast people alone. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
PAX East tomorrow, I'm ready to go! =D
New Avengers trailer was soooo gooood ^_____^


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