Ugh, there are already people lining up at Nintendo World for Super Smash Bros. There's still over 24 hrs left you fools!!! =P
8 more days to go. October has finally arrived!!!
The month which my wallet will die has arrived.
9 days left. =D
Final 10 days.
600+ 3DS Streepasses last year in 3 days. I wonder how much I get in 4 days at this convention. Predictions??
11 days to go. =D
12 days to go!!! I'm all set!!
Only 13 days til the best con in the country begins. =D So damn close.
Exactly 2 more weeks. Too excited for NY Comic Con. :)
15 days remaining. So damn close
16 days to go. Can't wait to interact with fellow fans.
iPhone sells well as usual and Android fans get salty for it's success. Same crap every year =P
17 days left. Time to get shit finalized for this convention. =D
Happy 125th birthday Nintendo. You're still doomed after all these years according to the idiots. XD
Exactly 2 months until Pokemon fans eat up the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire remakes because they have nothing better to do. =P
18 days to go!!!!! Wooooo!!! ^_^
19 days til New York Comic Con. Can't wait to stop this damn countdown. xD
DAMN, the line for the iPhone 6 in my area is ridiculously long. Surprised that hundreds slept out on line for the night. Haha wow!!!!


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