lol, the Winter storm here was a bust. I'm grateful!!! xD
I can't return to work until Thursday due to the weather. Damnit!!!
2 feet of snow in the next 36 hours. YAY! I guess.
40 days remain!!
A little over a month to go =D
About 45 days to go =D
Can't wait to see Kill La Kill air on television next month!! =D
49 days til PAX East.
Went from an extremely shitty mood all day to a great mood in a matter of minutes. Feel good now. xD
Down to the final 50 days.
52 days remaining. :)
Woooo AGDQ raised over 1 million for charity. Always great to see the gaming community come together!
55 days til PAX East! ^_^
8 weeks til PAX East =D


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