Hey guys, I have been ill for a fair while now and I havnt been able to get the codes for the recent events. I am looking to

I need mew to complete my living dex, for trade are 2 from: 5IV Koffing, 5IV Shellder, 5IV Chansey, 5IV Machop, 5IV Houndour.

I have nearly completed my living pokedex! I just need someone to help me with 7 trade evolutions, I will return the favour o

I am trying to finish my Kalos dex and am in need of an Yveltal and Slurpuff. I have a swirlix with the evolution item I just

I have for trade a few KB shiny pokemon, they can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14KUNBEaH1a4WpcvpO

I have a few KB shinies for trade they are as follows: _Koffing:_ 5IV (Missing ATK), Bold, EM: Toxic Spikes. Heavy ball.

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