OK, here is my new one from UltimateWookieeDeath.

Please sign back!

Hey, I'm going on signing spree, so here you go. check my sig to get the joke.


666 or graduation day, whichever. Happy either which one.
You wanted a stamp so...

Heres a pic of Usopps new weapon

Read the manga to find out what it does!!! Or wait until Monday when i send you it in a pm
Have a Happy Kwanza!!!
dude your fianlly on! its a miracle!!!!!! heres my FF:VII stamp, WORSHIP IT! lol
You are one of the few people on the BF II forum who's guestbook i've missed out.

See ya around m8
Sorry about all the confusion! Here is a Black Eyed Peas stamp! Enjoy!

quote ghettomusick
It's fun to fart on friends!

and dont forget ZELOS ROCKS!!
Hey!I made a new funky fresh new stamp!So here it is

Everybody likes jello!!!
Yo burner, I thought i'd better sign ya Gbook cos i've seen around the Battlefront 2 forums and you do alot of posting which is what we need. Anyway see ya around mate

Sign back or prepare for imminent destruction.

since i signed your guest book (A.K.A. G.B.), will you sign mine?????????
hi mark, check out my new stamp! i know u hate Kingdom HEarts, but................

-Hero of Wind
dont see you around much but it looks like your getting good at some computer related things such as image editing.oh and i wont say runescape sux anymore cause well its not a fact since most mmos are point and click battle and who am i to say things that you like suk so sorry and heres my new stamp.Gan ning can OWNZ sephys @$$!huhuhahahaha.
hello im here to stamp your geustbook and say hi.

"Muahahaha!" I never realized I didn't sign your guestbook. So here you go, here's my signing. Hope you like Neoseeker!

Here's my ultima form. Please sign back or else I'm going to dance.

man, we will always be friends. even if we get each other mad and stuff, but just sign my guest book. through good and bad we will stay together and never give up. peace out.


i have seen u and i just have pm u

hoe u like neoseeker