i let my friend borrow it, and it got stolen. owes me $20 WinningElevenProEvolutionSoccer2008 DS
got it for free so i cant complain. WiiSports Wii
great racing game for a portable NeedForSpeedCarbonOwnTheCity DS
finally found it and it was worth it! MetalSlugAnthology PSP
INSTANT CLASSIC! my older brother said it was hard to find back in '98. PokemonBlue GBC
has that battery failire promblem :( PokemonSilver GBC
so addicted to this when it was released GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas PS2
i have the ps2 version, but i couldnt find it on this search, anyways good gameplay and awesome soundtrack FIFASoccer06 GC
dont really play it anymore Daxter PSP
love this racing game better than pro street NeedForSpeedMostWanted PS2
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