gameguinus12 bubblegum194
Jul 26, 07 10:00pm
Please! I am bribing you with my uber awesomely cool-filled stick goodness of this stamp!!!

gama the 1st bubblegum194
Dec 25, 06 9:29am
Hi again im signing in for christmas to say hi...untill another...-> Goodbye.
Pretty Princess bubblegum194
Jul 1, 06 7:19am
Hey bugglegum194, I want to ask you how to put a banner on ur profile and to say hi! So if u tell me i will appreciate it and i will write u back bye!
gmcbfan bubblegum194
Jun 8, 06 3:30am
Hi,i'm just on a stamping spree and decided to stop by!Sees ya!!!
(credit goes to megatron)
DenniseA bubblegum194
May 29, 06 6:45am
Ello =] I'm randomly signing peoples g-book xD and I stopped by to yours =]

My current obsession xD

Now You've been stamped ;]

Be nice and stamp back =]

Bye bye ^^

Den-den =]
DDR_Maniac bubblegum194
Apr 26, 06 8:20am
Hi! HaPpY bIrThDaY!!! I haven't signed your guestbook yet! I've seen you around the Harvest Moon forums! Your a pretty nice person!

Here I got my Stamp!

HAPPY HARVESTING!!! thats pretty dumb!
JugJug bubblegum194
Apr 25, 06 6:59am

Blue Star bubblegum194
Apr 5, 06 9:44am
Hey ^^
Random signing, lady kumi's stopping by =)

I sense a Cakefight xD

Lolz @@

YoshiStar bubblegum194
Feb 24, 06 5:50am
Thanks for signing my guestbook! I really appreciate it considerin' I don't really even know you much. XD

There you go! Hope to talk to you more.
Marcibanjo bubblegum194
Feb 7, 06 5:00am
Thanks that you signed my Guestbook! I have signed back you can see now!

Here's a Stamp:

See you around in tyhe SMS forums!
gama the 1st bubblegum194
Jan 21, 06 1:06pm
.... when was the last time i attacked he- oh hi darn err um here! heheheomg i sign you hehehe not as bad as te attak.... oh no im still typeing darn!
MickeyBlueEyes bubblegum194
Jan 19, 06 5:30am
Thank you so much for signing my guestbook!! The stamp was uber cute! I know it's kinda late, but Happy Birthday!!

Hope you like!
Born Confused bubblegum194
Jan 1, 06 5:30am
hi. im tyrin' to sign evryone's guestbook. just stopped by to say :



Cute Phantasy bubblegum194
Jan 1, 06 3:05am
hello just feeling in the NEW year sprit and all here ya go not the best but meh :

short but sweet...HAPPY NEW YEAR!
megatron bubblegum194
Dec 28, 05 5:32am
May your days be merry and bright!
and may all your christmases be cheese!

-the more you sign the more you get signed
Cute Phantasy bubblegum194
Dec 26, 05 6:42am
Just feel seasonal joy lol, hey Merry christmas hope you have a good one!

from *drum roll*

~* Cute Phantasy *~
DenniseA bubblegum194
Dec 26, 05 5:59am
This the season to be Jolly pralalalalapralalala XD

Hope you enjoyed your holiday ^-^

Cause I know I did XD

Den-den =3
Takgirl2 bubblegum194
Dec 25, 05 5:35am
I'm here to give you a pretty stamp that contains your present.

knb bubblegum194
Dec 25, 05 4:54am

Have a good time! ^^ Why must you have 125 characters of space?
Monkeypop bubblegum194
Dec 25, 05 12:13am
I hope you have lots of fun on Christmas!
Born Confused bubblegum194
Dec 19, 05 10:17am

what's up?

i wood give a stamp if i knew how...llai


you should cum online soon...

how can i waste 125 spaces...

mayb like this...

ok here goes..............................................................................................................................

well talk on AIM l8r
CookieGurl88 bubblegum194
Dec 18, 05 5:53am
Have to sign something! BOred out of mi mind and nothing to do but sit and watch TV! It would be fun except there's nothing on! Oh Well, Hope u have a very good Holiday and a happy new year!! Cookies n' Cream!!
Akiva bubblegum194
Dec 15, 05 7:26am
Totally random signing! Dont forget to sign back...!

Chain Chomp bubblegum194
Dec 13, 05 1:36pm
You are the 15th person whom I've stamped today, do you know what you win? A STAMP!!! YAY!!! PARTY AT YOUR HOUSE!!!!

Through pain comes perseverance...

P.S. Your laughing gas pic is awesome!
JT2200 bubblegum194
Nov 30, 05 5:06pm
hello I'm on a signing spree so here
don't forget to sign back