thesimslover bteddo
Dec 24, 05 6:13am
Thanks for signing my guestbook! I finally signed back! Oh yeah, and I love the sims... a lot. (hence the name thesimslover)
See you around.
DQ Maniac bteddo
Dec 16, 05 4:10am
Make sure you don't let the elderly decorate your Christmas tree this year.

Enjoy the holidays!
parvez2004 bteddo
Dec 4, 05 5:50am
Hey thanks for signing my guestbook, its always appreciated

well take care

and PM me if you want to be friends

see you around
Deis bteddo
Nov 7, 05 12:56pm

Thanks for signing!

See you around!

Love Yunie.
Kid Clutch bteddo
Oct 30, 05 12:37am
I love pulling stuff like I did with my old sig. People got mad at me though Well anyway, be stamped.

Take care.
Teeb bteddo
Oct 13, 05 12:06am
Hey thanx for signing my guestbook I thought I would return the favor and sign back so here I am signing.....

Anyway thnx
Koenma bteddo
Oct 1, 05 5:11am
::Random guestbook signing::

Here's a text-added-to-picture-since-I-can't-do-better picture for you!

The Shape bteddo
Sep 30, 05 8:34pm
Hey, thanks for signing my gb, thats why I'm here signing back. Here's my stamps:

burger175 bteddo
Sep 29, 05 4:43pm
Hey bteddo, i saw your link in your sig and i thought that id sign your guestbook....
Well.. heres a stamp
<img src="">
see ya in the san andreas forums...
and dont forget to sign my guestbook back...
Whitetrash2800 bteddo
Sep 24, 05 2:47am
Hey Bteddo!!!!

signing yer g-book

Stamped by-----------------------Kreep
Don Sciogliere bteddo
Sep 6, 05 12:08am
Here is some italian below for I want to find my day
"Me vuole a trovare miei papà"

Djsolidussnake bteddo
Aug 29, 05 1:02am
Yeah just signing back and I see I am the first to sign your guestbook, thanks for signing. See you around the San Andreas forum.