Okay, so I know it isn't the popular opinion --Quote IMDB-- Having already played t

That's right, I beat you to it. _Cinema Lounge_ _egnuoL ameniC Cinema Lounge -

Alright, so I'm a songwriter/musician and I'm absolutely done with my current program, GarageBand. I'm ready to s http://i59.tinypic.c

Do you like Daniel Day-Lewis?

What do you consider your favorites (or the best) movie posters in film history? I t What's up everyone? Any upcoming _major concert tours_ coming up that you know of? So obviously I got the idea from a certain Castlevania _Hidden Gems_ Wh

bruin shared a link

I haven't been to many compared to a lot of people, but hey. * The Beach Boys * Shinedown * Lynyrd Skynyrd * Georg

So I just finished up a header for the Music forum: And it made me think: man, there

Submit your header entry for the music forum! --Quote-

Hi Seekers. What are some opening title sequences for films that really stuck out to you? I know that sometimes they can b

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