So, for those who have played the demo (and for those downloading in just a few hours you can chime in on this soon), what do

Loving all these Smash Bros Wiki updates

Here is a neat picture I saw posted on IGN earlier. Figured you guys would get a kick out of it: _1966 | Psyched

Support the Smash Bros Wiki and win a copy of the 3DS game! Do you love Smash Bros? Craving the new game but a little tight

Join in on part 3 of this round of the Fan Art Contest! Winner gets a boxed copy of PKMN Pinball! --Quote Event Hubs-- One of the great things about th

Are you a Spyro fan? Share your memories of the second game here: What are some of your favorite downloadable games exclusively t

Got the Smash Bros demo. The hype is real.

Rank the playable demo characters from best to worst. I'm curious to see what people think! For me I'll have to go

So for all you lucky demo-ers, what are your impressions to this point? I am downloading the demo now and will share my th

Thrawn is my new personal hero. From what we can tell, this is the complete Smash

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