hey, my name is kasie & i'm going to be 16 in sept., i'm going into my junior year in high school and i'm not looking forward to it, i'm a new york girl therefore i'm better than you =), i have brown hair and hazel eyes, i'm really short and i get made fun of all the time for it, my also very skinny so it doesnt help, i'm not high maintenance but i do love clothes, the best invention ever is the sidekick and i would be nothing without mine, i love my boyfriend ryan with my life (march 17,2007 until forever), i love rps so invite me to yours unless its bad, i have one brother and he also on neoseeker even though he's never on it, i love the color pink, hmmm i cant think of anything else so byeee =)


my interests are: kingdom hearts 1&2, final fantasy games (mostly X), howls moving castle (best movie ever), naruto, cardcaptors, eureka 7, DNangel (best anime), my favorite songs would happen to be hate (really dont like you) - plain white t's, when your gone - avril lavigne, first time - lifehouse, better than me - hinder & my favorite the last night - skillet, thats really it =)


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