dont know how it happened, but i was ev training it for a while, and then i started breeding magmar. i get caught up with rea

Shiny Kingdra, Shiny Gyradose, and many more. LF: Shiny elekid (adamant) with good egg moves (electabuzz or electrivire

Just adding me wont help you. I promise to add anyone who replies in one way or another. LF people who are also willing to tr

charizardite X kandabra/alakazam w/magic guard zapdos articuno togepi any shiny pokemon got a ton of pokemon for tr

Im trading: elekids, dratinis, any starter, masterball, shiny clawitzer (looks super badass) growlithes, amuras. tyrunts, dit

trades, battles, making friends! PM me! :D
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