Family Name: Wilson

Given Name: Joshua

Styles: brnout, Mr. Wilson, Smurf

Current positions: 1K Poster, Helper of Newbies, Honorable Member of the Up Your Arsenal Crew, Senior Advisor to the Up Your Arsenal Mod, Master of Mild Funniness.

Previous Positions: The Giver of a Single Cheat, Junior Advisor to the Going Commando Mod, The Writer of One Review, Previous Ruler and Mod of Ratchet and Clank.


Video games. I play them a lot. I also like Neoseeker. I'm on it a lot. And Ice Hockey. I watch it a lot.


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Review: Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires - DW4 Empires- Never gets old!

Nov 3, 2004

I've had this game for a few months now, and I still play it to the fullest. The battles are different every time, and there are so many things to unlock, too! Create a Warrior mode has been completely redone- more models, voices, and you can...

josh wilson

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