ROBsupplier brianquach
Dec 13, 12 9:37am
Trusted buyer! Everything runs smoothly even high-end card. Thanks you bro. Recommend this guy for everyone.
BGreen brianquach
Dec 10, 12 5:55pm
Legit seller, very trustworthy. Happy to do business with him again, once I get some more money.
dArc43 brianquach
Nov 29, 12 4:43am
Totaly legit nice buyer
dArc43 brianquach
Nov 29, 12 3:56am
Totaly legit nice buyer
AllenHKH brianquach
Nov 10, 12 8:55am
Trusted buyer, everything received as promised
lah717 brianquach
Nov 2, 12 6:45am
2 successful, quick and easy transactions already. Communicative and easily contactable. Thanks bro
holy-fire brianquach
Oct 31, 12 1:26pm
I sent cards worth 900 usd first and he sent the money just like he said he would. If you are trading with him he is legit
RoBRUs brianquach
Oct 30, 12 6:47pm
definately first in line for anything else he wants to sell
Nastynaz23 brianquach
Oct 25, 12 9:02am
amazing and very trust worthy seller will always do business with him.
edwardtimliu brianquach
Oct 21, 12 11:45pm
Nice guy and very patient!
Transaction went smoothly!
dchiefq brianquach
Oct 20, 12 5:16pm
This guy has helped me a few times building my deck! Keep him close!!! Trustworthy and quick!!!!