So I am revising this for the first time in 8 years and...what I had to remove from here was super cringey. Something about SPAM Inc, a stable that I tried to form at the ripe old age of 13. Errrrrggghh. Next you're going to tell me that I used to RP with a fellow named Zxero over the now extinct MSN Messenger. Hahahaha...or not. I was a weird kid.

Let's just leave it at for some reason, I abandoned this account in 2004 for one named Sold. Not sure what I was thinking, but I know what you're all thinking and I was not smoking ganja. Changed that account...WITH real money to Bri and left this abandoned. So now I have two accounts with pretty much the same name. It's like I had a kid and adopted a kid, only to pay for plastic surgery to make him look like the first.

My interests haven't changed too much, however. I still love to play GTA and I still watch pro wrestling, though 25 year old me has been to Wrestlemania in person. Take that, you 16 year old nillygit. Oh wait, I'm talking about myself. N/m then, carry on.

You'll see this account from time to time, usually in an attempt to rake in good comments (Neo needs a karma system) from the few old-schoolers left. I'm looking at you, Dman.

I'd like to throw in that it was on this account that I was the first GM of a wrestling roleplay...oh right. That shit's dead now.

You can PM me on this account or as I used to back in the day, make an obsession out of signing guestbooks, but since I check this account once every year for the most part, you're wasting your time and mine. Love you for reading to this point. My last piece of advice for you is never help hijack a roleplay without a plan, or else you'll still be referring to the incident years from now. - Bri


Keeping the old school alive, brother.

Oh and playing retro mafias.


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Review: NBA Street 2 - The NYC Representer

Jun 20, 2004

As an owner of Volume 1, I enjoyed it very much, it's much simpler finesse and style put it leagues ahead of "official" games such as NBA Live and the other ones. It's flowing gameplay was and still is really captivating. But Voulme 2. Well, I...


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