Well when I was created, god was like "I think I should make the most awsomest guy on earth", and thus, I, Branoni16 was born.

Dude...stop reading about me. Its creepy. If you wanna know stuff about me just PM me.

Jeez, if you read this far you must be a stalker, or just have a strange obbsesion with reading.

Come on stop it!

Your probobly just reading to see if I say something very cool at the end. Well Guess what: I dont.

Man, I thought that last one would shake you off. Come on, this is annoying. Leave me alone.

Were you really expecting a biography. Something about me? Fine, I'll give you one.

I was born, I found this site, the end.

Are you happy? I guess not because your still reading. You must not have a life to read all the way down here. Unless you just scrolled down withoght reading. Thats even dumber.

You probobly are just scrolling down to see the end.

Is that true?

Well you better stop.

When will you learn that there is no biography!

Whoever is reading all of this obviously has no life. Go outside! Get some sunlight! Go read a book!



Go read my intrests. Its much more to the point.

Guess what??? IM DONE!!! NO MORE!!!

I'm kidding. I have you in a trace. You cannot stop reading.

Thats how awsome I am. I can keep you reading for a long time.

I shall use reverse scicology!

Keep reading.

Seriosly, dont stop. I enjoy you reading this.

Your probobly expecting something cool at the end.

Guess what, there is nothing!

Nope, I'll just keep wasting your life.

Come on.

Stop reading.


Its over. The end.

Can you believe I just wasted your life?

If you read this far, you need a life, if you scrolled down, your lazy, and I can respect that.

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Playing video games, playing guitar and playing baseball.

Here are my Neofreinds

Cruxis - Showed my neoseeker. I know him in real life and stuff.
ZigZag - Cruxis' other acount
Rawk Hawk - Knew him before I had a year of of neo. Havent heard from hin.
Eliwood the Slayer - He's obsessed with Fire Emblem
Crystal the Hedgehog - Met in the Shadow the Hedge hog forum. Scary shadow fangirl.
Alkaline - Met in MP3 forum. Nows about anything about the Wii.
Jaw Knee - Met him in general Wii. Cool guy.
deathfairy000 - Stange person who I talk to...randomly :D
Thery of Chaos - Met him a long time ago. He was my first to sign me guestbook.


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Review: Super Smash Bros. Melee - pretty good 2P game

Apr 8, 2005

Overall this is a pretty fun multi-player game. So if you have a gamecube, GET THIS!

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