Delete this, and I will bring the cookie lady from R/S/E to make you into a cookie so yummy that you eat yourself.
Hey, what's up? You're an awesome guy and you're really funny, too. Enjoy my stamp!

Hi, Im Just Signing urs since, well, never mind then! Im Probably stamping for no reason at all!

Happy Neoseeking!
Sign Back!

This also counts for your New Years stamp, because I'm a cheap bastard.
Read the quotes.. funny xD
my quote:
"The new oxymoron: Microsoft Works."

There you go

remember the last bit...
"It took just one person who realized how stupid everyone was to make a hero. Who will be next?"

I keep it in a box in a closet in the farthest corners of my brain. I just never open it.

If you don't mind, sign my guestbook back and add me to your list of friends. 'kthanks.

Hey, I just read your bio, wow... that was pretty friggin' good! I see you on quite a bit, but never really got around to talking ya know?

That last one in your bio - Priceless.
Here's a small one for you now, really happened too!!: "Tornado rips through graveyard, thousands dead."


This is the story of the Ultimite Nidoking:
One day, a shiny Nidoking decided that he was through with the evil dictator, the Ultimate Shedinja's, reign. He ate the Ultimate Shedinja and then became the Ultimate Nidoking.
On a signing spree!! Plz sign back! -_0


Have you evr played Conkers?

If you have, then you understand this!
hey BK7 its-a-me-a captain boo...
yes that was lame but we're all untitled to a few mistakes...
anyways we're friends so i thought id outta sign it anyways i dont have a stamp but sign back please....please?
Hi, bowserkills7! I thought it would be nice if I could sign your guestbook. I am more than happy to do so and I'd like you to be my neofriend. I'll be here at neoseeker!
just dropped in to sign your guestbook

please sign back!!

There is my stamp, amigo. Take care of it. It's awesome. If you know what's good for you, follow the stamp.
I'll sign your GB cause were Neofriends. There you go.

Remember to sign back.
Hey bowserkills7, you signed mine so it's only fair that I now sign yours, which I've done I know that my stamp ain't the greatest as I made it on paint rather than photoshop etc. But here it is anyways

Talk to you on msn, although I'm we can't talk for long because of the time difference so I'm always tired. Lol

PS: Blue
always wins
Here is my new, awesome stamp! Treat it with care. I hope you like it, dude! You deserve it!

YA! I stamped it, now what?

Yoshi_1 finished my stamp, and yours is almost done, too!!

The stamp says it all!!!
Yaaaaaay for Boos!!! <3 I love them too. I guess being one plays a role in that though. XD
Well, cya around!
I don't have a stamp, so I'm just going to mumble about absolutely nothing! Not really, just fiddling with tension, OK there WAS no tension!!! Well, gotta go!!! (Not go as in peeing, sicko) With all due respect, Megaman10
You have no pictures of Yoshi in here! *gasp* Well here is four different colored Yoshi's:

Sorry about signing in your guestbook again but I just made my first stamp 4 signings ago (including this one) so I'm excited! See ya around the forums and through PM!

P.S. I could make you a stamp..... just PM me!
Yeah I got bored and I created it. It came out too small though...

Made it like in 5 seconds, and look, a work of art.
Here you are thank you for being a nice seeker keep on posting.......>
I have it at last! I have already written to your guestbook, but now I have a stamp!
Do you like it?