hopes to finish the next two parts of his latest RP project.
is gearing up for another roleplaying frenzy.
has defied the odds and written something. Wow.
is attempting to work himself into a roleplaying frenzy. We have a deadline to meet!
Don't want this anymore. But I forgot how to remove a game from my Want list. YuGiOhGXSpiritCaller DS
and Cyrei are thinking. Of what, we don't know.
is partially looking forward to school starting. Less boredom.
has contracted writer's block. For the fifteenth time this month.
is proud to be getting advice from tkman117. Seriously.
lives again!
Nobody's smart but me!
may or may not be 3147 years old.
has returned from the dead. Again.
is on vacation.
has restarted his Idiot Point counter. It was OVER 9000!
is asleep again. Nah, just kidding.
has a massive headache. He blames Cyrei.
is asleep. This is Cyrei.
has winner! Nah, just kidding.
has decided Gallade is the best Pokemon EVER.

We have had many names...

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